@SinInChaos_7 Conversely the writer who used too many words was sentenced to death
RT @sufferrings: I am the writer who was once broken and you are the page left unforgotten.
(I might disappear for a day or two but if you want to get a hold of me my writer account is @MildDisrespect and I might be on other -
RT @Pissed_Pat: If Gavin Newsom thinks California laws trump federal ones, he's as dumb as the writer of this fake-news piece.
Join senior writer @FMAnalysis as he examines the pressing strategy and flexibility that took Sevilla to a superb win over Real Madrid.
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RT @choco_ne222: 大矢真那 人の嫌なところとか目に付いたら いかに自分がその部分に接することなく、その人と関われるか、柔軟性が求められますね。
Her writing was the worst! I mean, if you're gonna have a hero, have it be a good writer. To that end, Fear and Loa…
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Our latest Featured Writer, Shanti Mathias, shares what it felt like to be published in The @guardian
Avery-Please take care of yourself, Murtaugh. You're the best detective I've got around here. #LethalWeapon #Family
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//I see Lucifer's writer liking all that stuff about my birthday in now 3 hours. I see you. 👀👀
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『『問題を解くだけですらすら文章が書けるようになる本』出版記念講演会、全日程終了しました。』 ⇒ #アメブロ @ameba_officialさんから