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The Kids in the Hall meets My Kitchen Rules, but with Levi Johnston.
Love that Clinton is bringing Levi Johnston to sit in the front row
@pharris830 You'd still be okay...Levi Johnston said she didn't know how to shoot a gun.
Congratulations, Levi Johnston! Feel my head!!!
@The_NFC Swears, Stewart, Johnston & Levi were members of the Herbert Chapman Club https://t.co/37kUdfkT1B
RT @DonovanFiaretti: "Don't pray for God to use you and then complain when you feel used" -Levi Lusko • I needed to hear this today.
RT @Shaggs1972: @MusicBrownlow Great choice!! 3 Brick 2 Army 1 Levi Johnston Blues
@MusicBrownlow Great choice!! 3 Brick 2 Army 1 Levi Johnston Blues
SO @imisspoundsigns , since @jeffvantweety doesnt want to threes company with us, we should ask Levi Johnston, right???
♪ Levi Johnston's Blues - Ben Folds
Curious about the Paris #cop21 climate agreement? Read @levi_m's latest piece: https://t.co/zv7b6UQXy3
♪ Levi Johnston's Blues - Ben Folds
@milesjreed @lotn2635599 Given how easy it was for Levi Johnston to get inside her, Bristol should welcome a Muslim man as a better catch.
I'm watching Kathy Griffin interview Levi Johnston and I'm laughing so hard I just spit crystal light everywhere I can't breathe
@bobgrove91 How short is the leash on Mike Johnston, Bob?