lets work

HI thisis gerry and its twitter search

I need a new car so I'll definitely get this 'car for women' because all the others just don't work for me. 😒 https://t.co/30GECWAoPl
RT @SpursOfficial: ⚽️ 💪 "I believe I’m improving every day and I’ll continue to work hard." ⚽️ 💪 📝 @HarryWinks on his new contract! 📝 https://t.co/palNLj1ibN
RT @HDSailing: #FridayFeeling Got to work at 6am so I can make my EXOS training in the afternoon #NeedMoreCoffee #NeedANap https://t.co/vz5VKXmhE7
Innovative 12 month work related Leadership development programme https://t.co/lpPT54O9d9 https://t.co/f24K6dfrS8
RT @Jonisayi: Gordhan hopes work being done will convince ratings agencies when they review SA economy #ZumaCEOs @AfriNewsAgency https://t.co/WPZxLW1H9u
Big mans putting in work 👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾 https://t.co/uOz19rvFJ1
RT @bxbyqueen: yes, it's the attire she was issued and she's wearing it at work. stop villainising women with curves lol https://t.co/4ETHdDPpmU
When work brings in free treats https://t.co/m7WdPCfcND
RT @alexandroscrew: 【Feel like】 本日よりオンエア開始の『GLOBAL WORK』の新TVCMに「Feel like」が起用されました。下記よりご覧いただけます! https://t.co/YncNO8OBLt #feelit https://t.co/7Y2LKJfqIs
RT @gdsteam: Some of the many principles that we work to. Digital by default. Learning from the journey. https://t.co/YYl0bh4k60
RT @glitchedpuppet: Floraverse - Seeds Ch5-VI p19 - beleth, you dumbass, all our work... - https://t.co/NxG0UeOESF https://t.co/mRqK8ZdsAO
Office dog Hamish hard at work #KnightFrank #dogsoftwitter #TopDog Have you got any visitors today @KFScotlandResi ? https://t.co/kpesmuo2AS
RT @johndory49: "There is something very wrong with Australia's Fair Work Act" - @JacquiLambie https://t.co/ZHsspqS0fy #auspol #CUB https://t.co/wv7ityLqui
RT @karriere_at: Work, Work, Work! Arbeiten wo, wie und wann es einem gefällt: https://t.co/lUAq3cpzVB https://t.co/zH9CNKQ26B
The Christian Youth Work Awards 2016 - have you decided who to nominate yet? https://t.co/rmJo2BjWh5 https://t.co/ZJvOgRoqyu
RT @TheEconomist: Britain should cancel Hinkley Point and spend the billions on making renewables work https://t.co/rECneKW9oF https://t.co/q0EZgQ8ztI
RT @JPCooperMusic: Here it is, some new work! #SeptemberSong is out now. So nice to share this with you all! 😊 https://t.co/KvWixuQqpS https://t.co/tnLpvpk8xg