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HI thisis gerry and its twitter search

RT @lovatoshrader: A number in a chart means nothing when you are recognized for something as important as advocacy work & I'm proud t… https://t.co/DNQlMCXxeQ
RT @KhanAmerKhan: Request. Please serve these teachers a glass of water,give them a chair to sit. They aren't slaves.They work for YOU https://t.co/l9iSn6UVLe
Terra Men\'s TERRA CORMAC CSA Work Boots, Black, 8.5 EE US https://t.co/VKxT446ZWP https://t.co/K2czS4TZhW
RT @mishacollins: This is "men's work," I guess. https://t.co/onZqHSYq2w
RT @NDF_INTL_OFC: Excited ka na ☺ @aldenrichards02 well Kami rin because aside from work you can spend time together 💑😉… https://t.co/Da6MPOnUyp
RT @IsabelStMalo: Thank you @CLefflerEU for your message of interest to work with Panamá and the warm welcome. ISMA https://t.co/SusNZpVV1L
RT @AskAprilcom: Dear #AskApril, He was 45, never #married, no #kids - should I have known right away that this wouldn't work?… https://t.co/XmwOMtrOML
Congrats to our partners at ELNC! We're so glad to be a part of this work. #TOWpartners https://t.co/bdjF8nSbs8
RT @quenblackwell: she's proud of her work and wants people to know. where's the issue?? https://t.co/im4IE7NfTk
RT @aishabushby: I'm actively looking for BAME voices for the agency I work for to represent. Please, come find us. #diversevoiceshuk https://t.co/al1xU5U3Hx
work station. its actually v good. https://t.co/7Z3pqcJF2R
RT @Slate: The AHCA would force new moms on Medicaid to find work 60 days after labor: https://t.co/lNkIwtcgIp https://t.co/T4zf51a5AA
Garrett's at work and I'm bored so I sent him every single love Bitmoji on Snapchat and THIS IS HOW HE THANKS ME https://t.co/RsWR4JQV4s
RT @ShennaFoxMusic: Former #WhiteHouse officials coming forward with claims they were told by Obama to work against incoming Trump Admi… https://t.co/E045GtFHff
RT @HornySwm73: A quick show before I head to work #tittytuesday who wants to see more of them later https://t.co/W5nFh6TVuC
Want to work at Panera Bread? We're #hiring in #Omaha, NE! Click for details: https://t.co/efUAZirwhn #parttimehttps://t.co/g0aapsYXCD
Hoo bleeding ray - someone (@NatCen) is getting under the skin of the usual social media research - nice work - mor… https://t.co/03zVUb3EfZ
Work is hard. (@ Amélie's French Bakery & Café) on #Yelp https://t.co/6zeMoTHvyE
RT @IndiaToday: Punjab AG green flags Navjot Singh Sidhu's work on TV show, says no need to change portfolio https://t.co/v2Px7bLRFx https://t.co/SeZBjEtwmD
#tbt @HeyAv hard at work on the first recording session for the EP. Tune in April 26th for our listening party and… https://t.co/3bfyPaCLMD
RT @gamespite: Hopped on my Vita to work on a review and was reminded of this, possibly the greatest virtual folder of games on ea… https://t.co/9ShJELkdHj