lets work

HI thisis gerry and its twitter search

RT @safeagain1: @realDonaldTrump He was Don's fixer - one of probably many who did Don's dirty work, but he will be the one to conf… https://t.co/Xu6Bz5w4QB
Year 3 reading their Stonehenge Kenning poetry. Great work Year 3! https://t.co/eGNcWr5nCN
RT @BTSxCalifornia: Me after work... 🐥 How are you at the end of the day? Reply with your voting hashtag #Idol #BTS⁠ ⁠⁠ #TheSong… https://t.co/qwVNxA5i1d
RT @dstewartmarks: Fascinating and encouraging stats about the work of @renniegrove #RGconf https://t.co/53dGjstr28
In-display fingerprint readers: How do they work and what phones will we see them in?... https://t.co/S4ku4q8QxShttps://t.co/ZN0Ov2KD9X
RT @AVoiceForAllGA: Donate to help elect Amazing Brilliant Caring Strong Work Ethic Committed Trusted Leader Man of Integrity 8th Gener… https://t.co/GEMqFy3ouC
Me thinking the work day is half way over and then noticing I have only been here for 2 hours https://t.co/QMbi442hER
RT @patrickklepek: Rockstar never talks to the press. So when they do... Letting some of the most powerful people in games brag about… https://t.co/frVMy7qxZ6
RT @KSUCVM: Congratulations to the CVM's Dr. Bob Rowland who was presented this week with the 2018 Iman Award for Research, pre… https://t.co/amSYo2q4CM
RT @notreallykrl: Am I really supposed work 8 hours in a day, hit the gym for at least an hour, be social, work on my career goals AN… https://t.co/uw4mJsqOe0
RT @olgaNYC1211: Look at @SecPompeo laughing away w the Saudi’s as if they didn’t just brutally murder and dismember a journalist. T… https://t.co/QuLDfRjbE8
RT @RWFoundation_: 🔈 Applications are now open for our Inter-School Drama Awards #ISDA 2019 ❗️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If your school would like an… https://t.co/R9TnR5YQAd
The legend behind the tall socks!! Happy to work for a hell of a guy and a hell of a football coach! #GoBuccs https://t.co/Fix1D2MCPy
RT @HistorianOren: So so so impressed by the caliber of contributions we received for this contest. It was such a pleasure to work wit… https://t.co/gQU7rggVOV
RT @BTSinformations: 4 years ago on October 17, 2014, @BTS_twt made their first seoul tour show on the Red Bullet tour. My congratulatio… https://t.co/7hgTFewjQo
RT @antonioguterres: Women perform 75% of the world's unpaid work, including caring for children, the elderly, and the sick - time spent… https://t.co/2nBmszJmqZ
RT @BUNNYMYE0N: Junmyeon has ended work today~ He has 3 more shows left for 《The Man Who Laughs》 His next show would be on the 19th… https://t.co/8yIHpfdFDU
RT @FVMISO: I know one day somebody will give me the exposure i need to blow up 😅 but imma stay patient and work till its my ti… https://t.co/YTwhD45Ndq
RT @DarrenDreger: Good work @sunhornby. Source confirms Dubas is meeting with Nylander in Europe. https://t.co/jGcSZAoI2a
Why did one of the accused not stay behind .. with the deceased. They couldn’t care less. Judge says. Instead they… https://t.co/iA8yPvQs6e
RT @BTSinformations: 4 years ago on October 17, 2014, @BTS_twt made their first seoul tour show on the Red Bullet tour. My congratulatio… https://t.co/7hgTFewjQo
RT @janelley__: what I truly mean by vixx all have different styles when dancing/on stage and yet they still manage to make it work… https://t.co/v5ZF2pzDiz
RT @AnnInquirer: 🇺🇸We have a choice🇺🇸 Work over welfare Paychecks over food stamps Safe and orderly immigration over dangerous bor… https://t.co/PTI0ac3BV7
Oh yal bout to fight fight? I thought we was just talking. Im going to work fam 😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/dyNK3T9lsJ
My way or the highway won't work when it comes to exporting, as @cocoroselondon explains in our Life Lessons for Ex… https://t.co/65vkcOg22u