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HI thisis gerry and its twitter search

@richardbranson Met this girl at a party. She said people called her Vivaldi. I asked " Is that because you're a br… https://t.co/C0dSG2B9D4
RT @ytvoss: When your legs don't work like they used to before https://t.co/AUlgZJzGc5
Day 2 of little engineers at work! Students fine-tune their machines and perform test runs to see how efficiently t… https://t.co/OUd5pHeWfM
RT @AGSchneiderman: Next Monday is the 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade—and I’ll be taking your questions on our work to protect reprod… https://t.co/Dai4HKiBxv
Today, CM Sri Nitish Kumar visited in ekma, Saran to analysis of work under 7 Nischay ... #akrsp(i) #zsbphttps://t.co/7H4fW1ZElf
RT @D_Libris: Amazing poet @tithenai and amazing artist @mollycrabapple create truly stunning work together. WOW. https://t.co/Z7UtLdgMop
RT @beholdmark: @SUPERSTARBTStwt Please release it globally. @BTS_twt has fans all around the world. You cant just launch an app th… https://t.co/uCJRiTKl0P
RT @holy_schnitt: u gotta have backup crushes for when your main crush inevitably doesn't work out https://t.co/owHbgawPcO
RT @FOURPAWSUSA: Remember #lioness Dana we rescued from #Aleppo who later gave birth to Hajar? This work depicts the two of them in… https://t.co/XIz3UoM9xO
RT @creoleegyal: I send my boyfriend some selfies I just took while he's at work and this is his response 😂 https://t.co/nviQOYNjVf
@jeffsessions your rural friends have been doing that for years to work their fields and packing plants. The bulk o… https://t.co/x0cUn5jaxR
RT @VetAffairsDems: .@SecShulkin & @DeptVetAffairs are refusing to research #medicalcannabis because they don’t want to put in the hard… https://t.co/dOAHJeBMsW
Launch of REVIVE project - for the validation and deployment of #fuel_cell refuse trucks in Europe--Project will be… https://t.co/mNYnUU7a09
Have you ever wished you worked in a fun and vibrant environment that thrived on collaboration and success?… https://t.co/1S3smXkHgM
I get to do and experience some pretty amazing things through the course of my work with @Speedhunters. This was a… https://t.co/eKMjyL0Qed
We had a similar debate at work about this. I like your insight https://t.co/dhMb28Tzae
RT @VividDope: Hey @BroccoliCity, @LetterXCinema and Myself would like to work and film the concert for y’all.. check this recap v… https://t.co/Q6l4qp7iE2
RT @TiptonWMP: First day of Tipton Teamworx for our new set of schools. Introduction to team work & consequences. @tiptonfire… https://t.co/VnDy4iLQcZ
RT @ChinaDailyUSA: How would you like to work in this elegant building? The site of Carlowitz & Co, known as the most famous German-fu… https://t.co/YLs5ecMUSc
RT @X_Temptations_X: Looking 👀our for something New then come join the best #Incall Address in Northampton Meet the Ladies who escort… https://t.co/ybvkS1sq0E
RT @stylezpromo: 🚨🚨How many RETWEETS AND REPLIES can this get?? C'mon guys let's push! Let's go team and work hard! 💪… https://t.co/dMql7pAUCF
Yes, that's pretty much the way this is going to work https://t.co/eSBlOIbXth
RT @MissZindzi: Betty White is especially known for her charity work. Here she is, showing a troubled teen how to apply makeup.… https://t.co/kNz08vv70y