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HI thisis gerry and its twitter search

#WorldAIDSDay is over, but awareness remains important. While others work towards an AIDS-free generation, NeedyMed… https://t.co/jqXjxJlFc4
The harder you work for something, the greater you will fell when you #achive it. https://t.co/o4ShHEEN9o
Family dynamics = comedy gold, and these comedians have plenty of material to work with. Watch #InsideJokes now:… https://t.co/CfZO6XNls9
The DRCC with your help work towards preventing the harm & healing the trauma of sexual violence. If you or someone… https://t.co/xmsF2VHKfF
RT @adjah_ernest: S3 @shattawalegh y3 adiaa #Y3KOOM I love dis song pass anyfyn it boost ma morale to work mre la 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥in every disg… https://t.co/r928jxxHRc
Love it. You’re great. Good work. https://t.co/3mBuucPB3P
RT @xoxoxMinnie: When you just got home from work and you wanna relax and there’s squirt all over the apartment https://t.co/mnP0OK5DUW
RT @carterwpage: Oh don't worry @JoyceWhiteVance. Busy on my civil litigation now, fighting back against corrupt actions by many peo… https://t.co/Rdc9ZEnqTI
RT @TimsDatDude_: Imagine thinking ya girl at work & she’s squirting all over another nigga house & you didn’t even know she could sq… https://t.co/4CUlBaoAPO
RT @saucy90: Hi guys, I'm new here please show me the way things work here. Follow me I'll follow back. 😍👸❤ Can I get some like… https://t.co/NMqEtdP8D8
So that's what I get for engaging a troll. Figures the left would not be in school or at work right now.. https://t.co/HIGrhH0HeG
RT @TeamPelosi: Yes she did. We will work together where we can, but *we will* stand our ground and do what is right. https://t.co/30sN4dQUMC
@SenKamalaHarris The Wall of Jericho, Hadrian's Wall, Maginot Line, Berlin Wall, Great Wall, Iron Curtin... what's… https://t.co/pvnNuwscG0
RT @KarlBrophy: She was attempting to leave while also attempting to retain the benefits of sitting in the car. It was never going… https://t.co/epBeKumGL7
RT @LewdPurpleSmart: "Going to be playing some Overwatch before writer goes to work." https://t.co/xmc6R4sUKv
RT @asek47: People will have many careers over their lifetimes, even after traditional retirement @htinsleyfix - we develop new… https://t.co/JlVlhVHEqQ
RT @TeamPelosi: Yes she did. We will work together where we can, but *we will* stand our ground and do what is right. https://t.co/30sN4dQUMC
Learners used Explain Everything or Notability to work on their mentor sentence this week! #tce4th #tcetexans https://t.co/7l4DHY75R5
#LA This Friday 12/14 #NYer @JessicaPilot212 is raising 💰 for @NVCF to help the non-rich victims of the recent fire… https://t.co/qxED8ZhZ1s
RT @Bin_Saqr: #نبايع_ملك_الحزم_ومحمد_العزم #ذكرى_مبايعة_الملك_سلمان من لوحاتي اكريليك على رول كانفس مقاس 160*190سم my work acryli… https://t.co/2e1x9dFFsP
RT @FallonTonight: Jimmy & The Roots prove #TheVoice Coaches not only work great together, but sound great together with an epic… https://t.co/KtX3AqcwD0
This year’s Instagram #TopNine2018 - and once again my work barely features. Starting to think I need to take the h… https://t.co/EpaEUR5zsY
RT @TheSWPrincess: 23 year old Jazmine Headley took a day off work to go to the Human Resources Admin offices in Brooklyn to resolve a… https://t.co/ODY00NPTJa
RT @bxthstewart: Me at work when it’s £4.19 an they give me a tenner n say ‘aw I’ll give u the 19p’ https://t.co/Q9o57Jzrid