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HI thisis gerry and its twitter search

RT @mmpadellan: That towering troll of virtue, Rudy Giuliani, reporting for duty on trump's legal team. Mainly because he knows ho… https://t.co/pwOcR4Jaco
RT @JasonWoodbury2: Today @SonnyGallant Minister of Workforce and Advance Learning declares #pei April 28th The Provincial Day of Mourn… https://t.co/dLRgBEMjCd
RT @javeauriel: But you definitely CAN relate to the baby mommas who do all the work while they let their men be lazy ass children.… https://t.co/cwkWkgjZyb
@Nikki_Glamour @Zocdoc When you’re at work and you can’t watch the video https://t.co/2IoHaiFEVw
RT @illmaticTate: Nashville is the worst place to be a makeup artist. That’s why half my work is in Atlanta & it’s easier to be a uni… https://t.co/ygklptdmKq
Promote yourself and your work to book lovers. Purchase an ad in the Maniac Book Extravaganza souvenir booklet,… https://t.co/qg8ynmhwyp
RT @49ers: A work of art - the #49ers 2018 schedule is here 🎨 Tickets: https://t.co/SqcD8VnIU7 https://t.co/XwVnO7sGHG
RT @ninety9live: So the @Pretzel_Rocks team might be buried under a mountain of legal paper work and coding but we got new tunes fro… https://t.co/hMHfyZArDn
RT @j_grciia: If you need car insurance or know someone who needs insurance, lmk!We work with all types risks- license, no licens… https://t.co/kuZstKXRPS
Opening up your internet browser at work and forgetting to close out of your bookmarked Tumblr pages *phone(fuck th… https://t.co/WOOECKXPea
Maggie Smith is MinorOak's first Artist in Residence. Natural dyes. Repurposed fabrics. See the work, meet the arti… https://t.co/9sc2CMJDfe
RT @BTS_Billboard: [ARTIST 100] @BTS_twt went down 6 positions on BB ARTIST 100 & are now no. 8 on the chart! 📉 ARMY, let's work to k… https://t.co/ZiuKhDCOUm
RT @HardcoreMetal89: No work or school tomorrow. It's God of War day 🙏 https://t.co/01ViiZX9JS
RT @49ers: A work of art - the #49ers 2018 schedule is here 🎨 Tickets: https://t.co/SqcD8VnIU7 https://t.co/XwVnO7sGHG
RT @DonnaWR8: FLASHBACK⚡️GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS uses MOB TACTICS to STOP journalist #BREAKING story on Clintons. “I GUARANTEE you… https://t.co/qCuGlY8Gno
RT @LegendaryAryen: We gon see who was just running lip and who put in work https://t.co/lzDSlTlUwz
So, you want your team to create work that’s unmatched in your industry? Well then, they all need to be on the same… https://t.co/kPMpOVSlHJ
Hmm... 50% my manuscript isn’t ready for #RevPitch, 33% knowing what I need/want to work on, 7% I never should have… https://t.co/s2zleQ9Pgt
From Kampala to New York with award-winning photographer @joelnsadha. https://t.co/Q2KgJfZOS1 https://t.co/xsdRz5eWS7
RT @LisaSmith4680: Tammy Duckworth is the first Senator to bring her newborn, pink pussy hat wearing baby to the floor of the Senate.… https://t.co/d44CousSZ4