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RT @playboywiIIis: me talking to myself in the mirror: https://t.co/spGsHFrTsW
This is @realDonaldTrump 's chess game, he is waiting for the right time to make his move. Things look bad in a hun… https://t.co/szwl8TFnK9
RT @MattMcJ: This WNBA players needing to be paid the same as NBA players convo is outrageous. This isn't a regular job where wo… https://t.co/oEDMSU6KjZ
RT @Necation: when she says “choke me” but you end up killing her... https://t.co/Uaqlk2E4IO
Volleyball | Randolph 3, LeRoy-Ostrander 2 https://t.co/MTDb225JaE
Dira t'il la même chose à la suite du viol qu'il va subir ce soir face à Leroy Sane ? #MCIOL #CITYOL #UCL https://t.co/62YtK1NZu6
RT @stephenasmith: Have you ever thought about this???? https://t.co/yAN2FKnx6P
To all the 80’s babies, who remembers making schoolbook covers from grocery store paper bags ? Or was I the only poor kid lol
RT @ChiefCheeeks: Student pranks entire school by putting laxatives in lemonade 😭😭😭 https://t.co/kluD9bRjZ7
Kak lili: weyy korang g manaa? *to selvan and leroy* Selvan: kitorang g makan babi. Me: shock face Kak lili: cakap… https://t.co/WCSlPimB3u
Leroy Merlin: Consigliere di Vendita STAGIONALE (Bologna, EMI, Ita... https://t.co/Wkho7XUm6s
Leroy Merlin: Capo Settore Commercio (Livorno, TOS, Italy) https://t.co/PfLl6UFyLw
Leroy Merlin: Consigliere di Vendita (Lissone, LOM, Italy) https://t.co/f5KuAqxDqg
Так она и срывает мне пары 🙈
Сидишь на паре, тут бах - Аня про Nation - и уже все, ландшафтоведение по боку 😍 https://t.co/wjd5eEOAja
RT @_sethdesign: Leroy Sane ● 17/18 ● Skills Goals Assists… https://t.co/UhQl4pv8Rt
RT @SkillsGoals_: Leroy Sane 🇩🇪 Goals & Skills https://t.co/5ZqPvSqrBn
En écoute sur https://t.co/MmmLftvXzH Nolwenn Leroy - Gemme (2017)