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RT @KreiziKing: Lerato kganyago thinks she's funny 😑😑😑
Lerato kganyago thinks she's funny 😑😑😑
@MandyLulu @Noenkie_segwapa she doesn't answer her phone too... I thought you knew her by now 😂
Heh mona Lerato lea kgethisa tlhebanna..aaah!! Haii
@Buhlep And the finger prints on the gloves? Phela Lerato wore those . Lieutenant wakhona akawayisanga e-lab wona?
RT @obxcurity: My biggest fear is being replaced.
@Lerato_Kiviet yoh. Isn't it blinden 🤔😂😂 i actually have no idea
He tattooed himself LERATO, and when shedumped him, he just added "la jeso leamakatsa"
RT @Epic_Women: You may look into your mirror and see flaws, but someone else looks at you, and only sees beauty.
RT @Tiffany_Kalawa: Lerato le fedile, ke kopa dikgomo di boele sakeng!!!
My love for her is unconditional..... Lerato la pilo yaka..May God bless your hustle and provide… https://t.co/pLoM93MOw3
Lerato akaBodi!!! But she slags dammit! Nam sengzobayeka oBra ngeke😔 https://t.co/4I9B7M1m2s
#LiesCheatingMenSay Him:She's my cousin babe. You guys break up. A month later... Him and cousin taking lovey dovey selfies together.
Uber prices to to OR Tambo 💔
@ReoagileMolete what is ho blasa in English?
Check DM, I've sent the correct number https://t.co/Vq1NELdH46
RT @Boipelo__: Irritate me on Whatsapp, I block you. Ang'joli nawe