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The first inquiry. during English class.) Person A: Casey, what are you dressed as? Person B: [without hesitation]… https://t.co/LFcKf97gls
RT @mlsmeg: When that pesky leprechaun messes up your room, you design and make traps! @MeriwetherLES @MichaelCIrani… https://t.co/YU564DXaCn
En #colegioNicoli celebramos San Patricio con nuestro auxiliar de conversación (¡Se llama Patrick!). ¿Podéis ver e… https://t.co/PHyJjwWLLR
RT @Johnny_Joey: A few weeks ago I sent my first (actual) dad joke text to my son. Now it’s a weekly thing. Here’s my latest: If a… https://t.co/CLfXUjJXRB
RT @vinabean: A gift, from me to you. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! WHO ALL SEEN THE LEPRECHAUN SAY YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! https://t.co/aGy6DeMg1u
@JessBurp The guy whose “directing traffic” with the special leprechaun flute who is “just here to help out” 😂😂😂
RT @sktrih_sandy: Lois is our Lucky Leprechaun for the day! Handing out necklaces, bracelets, hats, pins and chocolate coins! Happy… https://t.co/NK7M1ppxyV
Last week Meredith created the best rhythm and music and Laurie held her first ever session with E4L and it was AMA… https://t.co/KhzkKTs9tK
A little leprechaun visited Mrs. Criswell’s class yesterday!
Getting my leprechaun hair wet and all 🙄🙄🙄🙄 https://t.co/qENTWaJYAE
4 Yr Old Full Day Preschool enjoyed chocolate coins left by the very aloof Leprechaun! The sneaky little fellow lef… https://t.co/TWhETMpH8G
RT @ItzAnne_Kryz: Hello! I want ya'll to meet Lila the Leprechaun! She's a new OC of mine. Anyways hope you're all happy to meet her 😊 https://t.co/yqs2H3xWIW
@IamDevinV Looks like I little leprechaun.. small mans syndrome
@Fifimiami1 Happy Tuesday fellow leprechaun 🤗💕
Am a leprechaun not a miracle worker.....😂😂😂😂 ☘️🍀 #LFC https://t.co/z7FkN7hxd3
The mischievous Lucky the Leprechaun struck over the weekend at our Early Learning Center. Creating chaos as he wen… https://t.co/WQDxUqzehD
A few weeks ago I sent my first (actual) dad joke text to my son. Now it’s a weekly thing. Here’s my latest: If a… https://t.co/CLfXUjJXRB
RT @DrBeachcombing: Catching a Leprechaun: A Modern Morality Tale - https://t.co/cwDLQzcJY6
It was all Green and Red at the Galldris head office on Friday. As we celebrated St Patricks Day and took part in R… https://t.co/qmgSXqIndo
It’s This Lil Leprechaun’s Birthday Today! ☘️ ☘️ ☘️ Follow 👆🏻 Like 🙌🏻 Comment 👇🏻 Bow Tie 👑 Of California Shop… https://t.co/NYpy8yHS2f
Yesterday’s STEM challenge involved building Leprechaun traps🍀! No leprechauns were hurt in the creation of these t… https://t.co/r34NH0Dex5
the aftermath after the leprechauns have their St Pat's after party #afterparty #luckoftheIrish #leprechaunhttps://t.co/LdHwOYK6lb
RT @LastLeprechauns: Filming in the Leprechaun and Fairy cavern on Wednesday next Ghan Road Carlingford with Allison Hammond of ITV "Goo… https://t.co/qPTWZXrRYh
What happens when your 11 yr old sets a leprechaun trap? The leprechaun escapes, kidnaps her stuffed dolphin, & ste… https://t.co/L0iekv2lYs