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@SauceAndShram Bring back Leon Lett Jr. days then? Dramatic nowadays: I am too old for Cowboys Drama, and I am 33 y… https://t.co/96t5JaUkpX
@emgarcia1266 @mares62J @dallascowboys I SEVERELY APOLOGIZE. It was Nate Newton who was arrested, not Leon Lett. So… https://t.co/OhBYR2pmEu
@emgarcia1266 @mares62J The entire organization @dallascowboys is a cancer on society. Smith was probably running o… https://t.co/77kGdgWNgD
@WingfieldNFL My favorite dolphin memory is the famous thanksgiving game in ‘93. I remember everyone in my family w… https://t.co/8QvkVSc4et
Sports Metaphor Alert: The handling of the final season of #GameOfThrones reminds me of that time Leon Lett was cel… https://t.co/dn9m43pTdk
@ghost_of_roger @armandodkos Lett made one of the funnier boneheaded plays in Super Bowl history with this prematur… https://t.co/sZ8a0QQqru
Super Bowl point differential: 1. SF +96 2. DAL +89 (Darn you, Leon Lett!) 3. GB +57 4. BAL +30 5. PIT +29 . . . 25… https://t.co/hJq4d0frre
@mikecwright Whole season was Leon lett celebrating before reaching the end zone
GOT doing its best Leon Lett impersonation
Game of Thrones Season 8 is Leon Lett bro. wtf did I just watch?
@Just_That_Guy49 Just reading your Cowboy list has me agitated. Leon Lett has to be added.
@rpmclaughlin13 @homeless_not @jonmachota That's why they have Leon Lett soaking up all that knowledge underneath h… https://t.co/rIWmeAS7pI
@jtbourne Great Leon Lett reference tho
My celebration on my “some weird-ass team is gonna win the Cup, and the final will be played between two weird-ass… https://t.co/YzJHABpH8m
@fishsports All of them should want to start and dominate. I remember 7th round rookie Leon Lett saying stuff like that back in ‘91.
@mauro_tosetto77 @IvanThrone It's never as bad as you think. People have there own shit to deal with and any embarr… https://t.co/XJt9Gbo4Ni
@ringer Oberyn, was just so shocking. Even Leon Lett was cheering for him to finish the Mountain!
Resident Evil 2 remake mindkét karakterrel érdekes, tudathasadásos menet volt, főleg claire el, gyakran suttogtam h… https://t.co/fEKUGamnry
@HobbyConnector Leon Lett Illusions /50. $40 shipped https://t.co/zINODMGNVM
@PushaReg @DougieFresh_13 She shaped like Leon lett giving demands
Nilce e Leon se manifestando sobre os atos nas redes sociais, to flertando com as pessoas certas
@BaxFootballGuru A man has to have standards.... if someone wants to make their case for Leon Lett or Orlando Brown… https://t.co/dfaVaU2i0i