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Lembit Opik winds up, conceding that motorcyclists have a "non-zero" impact on air quality #silvertowntunnel
We wonder what Lembit Opik's Lib Dem colleagues would think of him calling the ULEZ scheme "enormously controversial"... #silvertowntunnel
Lembit Opik says he works in Greenwich, sees how overcrowded the Jubilee Line is - says motorcycles are part of solution #silvertowntunnel
Former Lib Dem MP Lembit Opik is first speaker - for a motorcyclists' lobby group. They want exemption from charges #silvertowntunnel
@churlishmeg It's novel, this, thinking 'if I were Lembit Opik, I'd feel rather hard done by in the looks comparison stakes'.
Lembit Opik and the cheeky girl https://t.co/LZNyektHOC
Pound hits 168-year low and I realised I didn't know who the Chancellor is. Philip Hammond appaz. (Me neither- looks a bit like Lembit Opik)
Former Lib Dem MP Lembit Opik is at the Silvertown Tunnel hearing representing a motorcyclists’ group.
@politicalidiot Lembit Opik was at #TelegraphBSC yesterday pitching them to #localgov folk for delivering fresh food to isolated elders :S
Lembit Opik introducing Starship autonomous delivery at #TelegraphBSC #Serendip https://t.co/PflMagpAQG
#TelegraphBSC Starship Technologies being demonstrated by Lembit Opik. #innovative
@iancollinsuk I tuned in to BBC radio Kent and to my surprise lembit opik was presenting, seems he has found a career presenting on radio
@guerillacricket Lembit Opik and one of the cheeky girls AND Opik and Sian Lloyd
@Trudski2012 With with Lembit Opik !?
@FrankOnTheRadio Lembit Opik and Cheeky Girl. That's the day love died for me.
@TVKev oh Lembit Opik (remember him) has already done that - I think he got knocked out.
@youngvulgarian if it's Lembit Opik you just have to say his name three times and he'll appear.
I just thought, out loud, that "it's days like today, with a Brit in space, that Lembit Opik is missed in politics". I can only apologise
Just spent 8 minutes explaining that Andy Dick isn't Lembit Opik.
I'm on a train with Lembit Opik.
Happy Birthday @RT_com Great news coverage. I even spotted my pal and fellow countryman Lembit Opik on your channel.