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#NFL News: New England Patriots & LeGarrette Blount Discuss Potentia... https://t.co/NtPCAglvvC #football #Sports https://t.co/kYO5FFeDgZ
#NP Butterfly Beautiful by Tanya Blount Trotter on #KRGN_985FM
but all good things must come to a end like this blount burning my finger tips
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NFL News: New England Patriots & LeGarrette Blount Discuss Potential Return https://t.co/75ruT1fIGI
Weekend Reading: "Sales EQ" by Jeb Blount https://t.co/veMsXKFKVe
Have you read "Sales EQ" by Jeb Blount? https://t.co/v5woSvtuHZ
@LG_Blount Please Come Back To NE Greetings From Germany 🇩🇪
RT @PatriotsMexico: Reporta CBS que los Patriots y LeGarrette Blount están lejos de llegar a un acuerdo, para que el RB permanezca en e… https://t.co/LHiWH3nHKU
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NFL News: New England Patriots & LeGarrette Blount Discuss Potential Return https://t.co/96B4HptyLV
Great reading.."Why You Should Make A Career Jump When Others Think It's A Mistake" https://t.co/GGmlqgJ13l on @LinkedIn
Let Blount go and pick up AP
Never let anyone out hustle you ever! Jeb Blount @SalesGravy
@NOODLES36 @CCRaiderNation Blount is 30, Lynch 31, AP is like 32 right??
Bout to go watch porn and smoke a Blount 😂😂