Lebrons Decision

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@ccarbo55 @HornNate @andyhoke12 The decision to go back to Houston is more famous than LeBrons to go to Miami
@Amin23_Gents @SportsCenter he had a chance to leave NewYork in 2014 Free Agency, waited for Lebrons decision then stayed in NY for the $
Maybe a female could change my decision but she will be very hard to find
I wrote this thing once. It's like 1/4 about making people laugh. 1/4 about suicide. 1/2 about the Cavs https://t.co/iWKt0XTlAa
I like KD more than Lebron, but I don't support his decision to go to GS just like I didn't support lebrons decision
T'f how is it different? If anything lebrons decision was worse. https://t.co/cdq22u8zVR
Gator fans waiting for @eddypineiro1 to make his decision is like lebrons decision to go to Miami
@ShaneBattier how dumb was lebrons decision to leave Miami