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RT @Ali_Kourani: Israeli ministers want to "hit Lebanese civilians where it hurts", how dare the Lebanese president praise a nationa… https://t.co/gDwKzmjILa
RT @Lawwwen: Walid Jumblatt is a Lebanese politician and the current leader of the mostly Druze Progressive Socialist Party (PSP).
RT @Lawwwen: Many of the Lebanese Druze today actually have Kurdish origins. http://t.co/fUFubQDKqr
Lebanese guys 😍😍
RT @kevinolearytv: You know me by now. I am the son of Irish and Lebanese immigrants. I am for immigration but I am also for border security.
Just had Lebanese food for the first time 😋😋😋
RT @Ali_Kourani: Israel firing illuminating grenades over Jabal Sheikh's observatory tonight, to the east of Lebanese town Shebaa. S… https://t.co/1sMSiUL5XA
منطقة انتخابية ممنوعة على «القوات» - https://t.co/fdErPYUwP5 https://t.co/61x6Ee21t0
Stop assuming public opinion Damn Lebanese media Thinking they know what the lebanese public opinion is Stop imposing your shit on my tv !
RT @Lawwwen: Many of the Lebanese Druze today actually have Kurdish origins. http://t.co/fUFubQDKqr
@TheFatalArchon @planetside2 it said prep was in progress so I can only assume you're doing cocaine off the arched back of a Lebanese hooker
RT @zamorinix: Would Israel attack Lebanese army? Israel weighs response to #Hezbollah rocket threat. https://t.co/DhpViNResC via @AlMonitor
RT @RennerKev: Cronulla was a legitimate response to Lebanese ethnic violence #QandA
RT @MathematicalOwl: LEBANESE PEOPLE ARE SO IMPORTANT WE GAVE YOU TACOS @LebaneseProblem https://t.co/4ZP0VGTW9c
RT @eliaskhz: Many people from surrounding-both palestinian and Lebanese towns-used to come to town for education. Also all girls used to get education.
Ar man where's that video of the lebanese guy in the gym that was a gem kakaakalalsla reminds me of someone 👀😭😭😭😭😭
I just realized that I may have Lebanese blood in my veins
RT @rolytelecom: Thanks God who is elected as the Lebanese president don't represent me nor who elected him or who didn't.
RT @_M_A_J_E_D_: @qweasd8854 @mntda_nfc @khalad_203 @faisalbinturki1 @AlNassrFC متأكد الحوار معه أو كيف الوضع أو وش القصه .. ايش فيه 😂 أفضل من زوران ..!
RT @qweasd8854: @mntda_nfc @khalad_203 @faisalbinturki1 @AlNassrFC كانيدا افضل من زوران😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 يزحلفنا