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RT @andii_andie: In life we never lose friends, we only learn who the true one's are.
RT @grandlenz: The best part of life is the opportunity to learn something new every day. ❤ #AldenRichards https://t.co/AFt1HYhc8D
RT @hungarianpod101: ⏳ 10 minutes? 1 hour? Let us know! P.S. Learn to talk about summer sports in #Hungarian! https://t.co/GojtFnug7G https://t.co/9puxH8mTHx
RT @JaneCanDoSE4: Finally found time to properly read @lewishamledger from front to back! Another fab edition with lots of interestin… https://t.co/rblCLwlhAr
RT @itshimolaa: No one is ready to learn like moms who don’t really understand a new phone, Whatsapp, Facebook or instagram. 😂😂😂
RT @john_michonski: One thing to remember is the catherine transphobia is not a "Japan" thing. There are tons of LGBTQ Japanese people.… https://t.co/8dfoCD6Z0J
RT @masterspaslife: We have 2 new job openings! Go to https://t.co/OHnP2wZfg7 to learn more about the positions and to apply. https://t.co/gkiPdiyKb1
RT @alexdurog: If you need some time to rest, give yourself time to rest. You are not weak for needing a break, you are not weak f… https://t.co/UD7DpWWuAg
RT @Deenazla: @tolutezzy_ She made a lot of sense. A whole lot of us/people out here, not just the Celebrities but even the so ca… https://t.co/Xhez6nfAxe
RT @le_loudmouth: There's no way I'm learning this. I'm going to be like those old people who still say 5,000 instead of 5 cedis bc I… https://t.co/hrYWM5tU8W
RT @saikatc: @ltthompso @AOC He's not paid. We have no volunteers in the office. He's not doing any government work. He can see… https://t.co/G8QOB2bwR9
RT @SolarGardME: If we could stop delinquents from ruining property - we'd have no need for Graffitigard. Until then, check out this… https://t.co/rhLVtoScip
RT @chicchiq_beauty: Do you suffer from dry #skin? #Ayurveda offers a natural #skincare solution for you. Learn about the #Vata #Dosha a… https://t.co/QYu2OuK0ov
RT @HfzddnHrs: Student A is sad for getting 3.70 cgpa, the effort given is 3.90. Student B is happy for getting 3.70, the effort… https://t.co/sAiXkEZwMx
RT @SayNoToLabour5: Seeming our young people are being brainwashed in our school system to think climate change is something us conserv… https://t.co/bKNnhrJvZn
RT @OliverCooper: This is utterly unacceptable and @CamdenTories completely condemn this senseless vandalism. Marx’s ideas inspired t… https://t.co/dDLKRubQ6X
RT @BuschBeer: Busch Guy is in North Dakota with @FarmRescueOrg and wants your help! Remember, every RT on the tweet above is $5 t… https://t.co/tejX1uIDMa
RT @karenevansdaf: Amazing training with @JMoncktonSmith loking at the domestic homicide timeline research on Friday. I really recomme… https://t.co/WQWkExTfN8
RT @DaniealIrfan_: Tak semua orang ada untuk kita. Learn to survive alone.
RT @superlinguo: This is a great thread about research communication - it's a skill, there is best practice, you can learn how to do… https://t.co/meNaKzLrxv
RT @WayneDupreeShow: After New Yorkers learn about this, Ocasio-Cortez will be a one-term representative https://t.co/ZjoquynpZl
RT @Abhina_Prakash: What Indians never learn: War is not about honour, revenge or valour. It’s about winning & achieving your political… https://t.co/gWjGwRdwcF
RT @JanKutschera: Is #DigitalMarketing the best use of your time and talents? Or are there pressing issues that nee… https://t.co/cGMwgecIYo
4.0 Remove the belief in GOD from the government & schools. Political correctness should be the norm. 5.0 Control E… https://t.co/7KhJ4b8dia