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RT @EricTrump: It is hard to believe that the historic North Korea / Kim Jong Un summit was exactly one week ago. Truly amazing to… https://t.co/zeI6KIgYbb
RT @RogerThorn_hill: @RealMattCouch America just had its best week in a generation. Unemployment at 44 yr low, forecast 4-5% GDP growth… https://t.co/9jb6WMTzPC
RT @AsoRock: ...Africa Trade and Investment Summit slated to hold from June 24-26, 2018, at the World Trade Centre – Ronald Reag… https://t.co/FBOzwTdHfM
RT @GS10KSmallBiz: At our #10KSmallBiz Summit, which convened more than 2,000 small business owners, @MikeBloomberg shared his thought… https://t.co/FrxUraBfzi
RT @JuliaDavisNews: #Russia's state TV: Politicians & experts reiterate their belief that Trump & Putin will enter into a "secret verb… https://t.co/5by3vsXxJU
RT @McFaul: Trump must meet Putin after NATO summit, not before. To meet Putin before engaging our allies is a serious mistake.
RT @V_of_Europe: Migrant Crisis Could Sink Merkel as Populists Boycott EU Summit, Italy Threatens to Vote Down Migrant Deal https://t.co/eL8ltU9p85
RT @realkareemdream: .⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ showing love to ⁦@PastorDScott⁩ & @holyfield⁩ @ the ⁦@AmericaFirstPAC⁩ Leadership Summit. The… https://t.co/LqPt7Rem8a
RT @puffin1952: Germany to cause ‘chain reaction across EU’: Austria fires warning as Merkel on brink https://t.co/eK62M4Rdd6
RT @VP: As I told the Faith & Freedom Coalition this weekend: @POTUS approaches tonight’s historic US-NK summit with confid… https://t.co/tcKqki8mcg
Kim Jung Un's statements during "summit" have finally been accurately translated: "He almost fat as me." "Who let… https://t.co/dmOxNbVeGo
RT @yorkspride: Austria fire warning to Merkel as they align with Poland, Hungary and now Italy. Merkel's migrant crisis will sink… https://t.co/KYldGk0Ktt
RT @Swamy39: PGurus with Prof Nalapat on US N Korea summit, US Trade sanctions on China and India https://t.co/Jv2YstNo0s via @pGurus1
Trump is owned by Putin. Trump having a summit with the leader of the regime who orchestrated the election of him a… https://t.co/M7diKbQGPp
RT @PSRTRS: Received the award from Union Minister for Agriculture Sri @RadhamohanBJP for our #Telangana state as "rapid growth… https://t.co/FeFeh1IjMB
RT @Contributionpod: @Contributionpod cast host @NaimaBRobert is hosting this *awesome* writers’ summit for Muslim women. Sign up for fr… https://t.co/ao5N3vzoLN
Lovely picture from @spikefodder of the 1977 BG contenders on the last summit, featuring founding fathers of dark… https://t.co/cV8uJhiqVD
RT @20committee: Since Trump really-really wants his grovel-to-Putin summit this summer, a reminder that USG has ALWAYS known that R… https://t.co/GO5JpVdj1j
RT @iluveducating: Hey #BadgeSummit - check out this free online educational summit! Sign up at https://t.co/R5nmL4Fi4J and get ready… https://t.co/YaMW6mvclz
Had a great time speaking at the Modern Traders Summit! Awesome crowd, and got to meeting some great people - thank… https://t.co/oU3zhgiOr0
RT @CNASdc: Ahead of next month's #NATO Summit in Brussels, @Julie_C_Smith @jteurope @mccnewton and @RachelRizzo have released… https://t.co/9tw75svALs
RT @JuliaDavisNews: #Russia's state TV: Politicians & experts reiterate their belief that Trump & Putin will enter into a "secret verb… https://t.co/5by3vsXxJU