@Daneplays_rpg the load is ready according to my driver manager determines detention/layover pay. I fucking hate this company.
Sunshine here I come. Challey Newman see you in Houston for layover cocktails. — traveling to Belize from Toronto...
i always dread having a layover in the st. louis airport bc they lack a variety of food options
Landed in Chicago and have a nearly 4 hour layover. Next flight leaves from gate L10A. I don't know if I can make i…
What do you do with a 10 hour layover in London? Lmao
Long layover? How about a workout at an airport gym? | Health & Wellness |
@MAS day 8 of no support after changing our flights to 18hr layover when same day flight exists. hotel voucher? flight on partner airline?
7 hour layover in Oslo means watching the airport snow plows is actually entertaining me at this point😩
@ABakerN7 should be at least a 12hr layover pay
RT @RobbyTakac: Off we go into the wild blue...c u in Tokyo for a quick layover!
Landed in Atlanta. 2 hour layover until my flight to Orlando. @netflix is going the best part about this wait.
7 hrs layover sa mnl and 4hrs layover sa kalibo. jeysas ngano ani ka hago ang flight sched 😭
@kirali About two hours to Brussels, layover, two hours to London. Plane is shorter but also travel to airport & border check takes time 🤔😉
RT @Lexus: Just a leisurely layover on one of the most active volcanoes in the world. #LexusLC #LexusLens #ExperienceAmazing…
RT @jakeangeles_: I'm only in Auckland for a layover yo Sydney 😬
Layover in amsterdam :-:
RT @theyukonquest: Brent Sass' Dawson layover is complete & he's now on his way to Eagle. Both he & his dogs couldn't wait to get back out there. #YQ2017
Travel #protip - make friends with airport hospitality workers on a long layover. Good talks, new friends, and airport perks #lifehack
Overnight layover in NY? Guess it's time to hang out with the fam!
Anticipation 🎼 The long wait of a 19 hour layover in Fort…
Maybe in our layover at South Korea
@Namenode5 @DennisMortensen @VR_Technology @Nominum Short layover Frankfurt Airport (FRA) - in Zürich, ZH)
ใช้เวลา layover 24 ชั่วโมงในสิงคโปร์ไปกับการนอน..