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RT @LynnRutherford: #SkateAmerica With senior B input Patrice Lauzon fine tuned @HubbellDonohue's step sequences: "A level could be 1.5 points, that's a medal."
@lauzon_emily hahah thanks emily!! miss you guys too❣️
InfoGraphic - 5 Major differences between #Application and #Database Continuous Delivery
RT @stfumariz: hindi naman sa pagmamaganda pero maganda talaga ako e 💁🏻
RT @HotFrancisjune: Pag sinabing pangit ikaw agad? Diba pwedeng ideny mo muna kahit minsan? 😂😂😄
RT @TrueTriz: couldn't change the people around me so i changed the people around me
RT @TrueTriz: The Twitter DDoS taught me how much more productive I am without Twitter.
I liked a @YouTube video from @WoodysGamertag Joe Lauzon vs. WoodysGamertag (FPS Russia Play by Play)
RT @PhotosHistos: Vue de l'hacienda du trafiquant Pablo Escobar, 1993 #histoire #police #Narcos
RT @chboursin: #innovation : Grâce à des bactéries, cette #startup va éclairer nos villes sans électricité
RT @LaPravdaCa: DERNIÈRE HEURE | Gerry Sklavounos réclame que l’Assemblée nationale reconnaisse son droit de cuissage
12 trucs pour éviter les dégâts d’eau dans votre maison - Le blogue #DuProprio
RT @JoeLauzon: Calm before the storm that is Friday day class at @lauzonmma @ Lauzon Mixed Martial Arts
RT @JoeLauzon: Calm before the storm that is Friday day class at @lauzonmma @ Lauzon Mixed Martial Arts
Find a man who collects antiques 👻
Jean-Claude Lauzon fue un Don Chingón
Seeing Rouyn-Noranda curb stomp Halifax would have been a fuck of a lot better had Lauzon been playing. Concussions can get fucked.
⬇️ Silas, Reed, Lauzon-Seguin, coaching staff, Dline, Kanneh
RT @LowiiAlipala: I can't remember the last time I feel okay.😞
Just for starters: city engineer said $200M needed for Cty Rd 42 expansion/Lauzon extension; $2M/yr for city bus ro…
RT @metromontreal: La culture du viol est encore trop bien ancrée dans notre société, dénonce @MaiteeSaganash dans sa chronique…
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