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RT @james1ace: You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about.
The new Lloyd Robson National Football Stadium is a state-of-the-art facility located in Port M... #pmnow #pmot
StreetBond Surfacing a Feast For the Eyes: The new Lloyd Robson National Football Stadium is a state-of-the-...
RT @_courtneybarron: Shadowplay live at The Factory 1980 man. Too good
Esquentei a CR do robson kkkk
RT @ComedyOrTruth: When you wanna use emojis to tweet about how sad you are but you got iOS 10
I've come to the conclusion that the people who live above me build a new piece of furniture at 12:30am every night
RT @FemaleTexts: when Evan Peters had us all shook when he sang Nirvana
RT @KardashianReact: Drake: I do a really good dolphin sound Rihanna: drake, what we're in a clu.. Drake: EEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEE
RT @tbhjuststop: Me: I won't fall for them Them: "hey what's up" Me:
RT @BritishLogic: Repeating “Sorry, thanks, pardon me" as you struggle through a crowd, even though you’re not sorry or thankful and don’t want to be pardoned
RT @Sethrogen: Trifecta of smoking power.
RT @imjsk27: Cook's Test partner since Strauss retirement 1. Compton 2. Root 3. Carberry 4. Robson 5. Trott 6. Lyth 7. Moeen 8. Hales 9. Haseeb Hameed
RT @Akhdre_: Dude films himself raping a baby yet walks free from court but five years for throwing weed at somebody.
RT @_AdamClose: You found him on a show called Love Island, it's arguably the most likely place to ever find love
hoje deu saudades robson de souza
Robson disse que eu e ele temos uma ligação forte entre nós,
RT @SoDamnTrue: biggest pet peeve is when effort isn't reciprocated or appreciated bc i'd hate to be wasting my time with someone who doesn't feel the same
7 hours at college then it's the weekend! #busrunfun 💃🏼🐯🦁🐧🐞🐝🐘🐾🐼
RT @Truman_Black: YES @Skepta you really are an inspiration!! @MercuryPrize thank you so much for everything & awarding the album that truly represents 2016!!
Ev. Robson ta tonteando minha mente uma hora dessa,
@InvPac Translink can reroute wires to make a faster link. That block of Robson was not intended to have traffic and why it was so congested