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RT @alicekeeler: In a @googledocs click on the folder icon to see where the doc is filed. Click on location launch location in Drive
@PieterOmtzigt Apparently the US has not yet handed over any data identifying a missile launch location. #MH17 @ThomasSchansman
@MJoyce2244 I have & I'm afraid u're talking out your arse again. DSB report does NOT confirm #MH17 launch location
@KimmoKannala @menqvist70 JIT update coming 9/28 will firm up missile launch location. I imagine #MH17 'Inquiry' is working on a new video.
@Maarten_Kaskens Don't get your point. As DSB said, giving precise launch location is outside their concern. That is what JIT will do. #MH17
@wagovmedia @YouTube was it a secret or you just dont know the exact launch location?
@mh17research @MaxvanderWerff @correctiv_org Yeah same. Unless they've changed their position, launch location was wrong
@MJoyce2244 @ChefOltman1 @escalatorover @roarbro @Cosmopolitka @MazzaRay Not to mention confirmation of precise missile launch location.Ouch
@Januszdoradca @RobertOehlers Gee, Eliot Higgins was 100% correct and named #MH17 murder weapon & launch location well before DSB did. Oops.
The Crew Gameplay - Space Shuttle launch LOCATION. PS4 via @YouTube
@ArmyInfoForum @loondale Then you can't say RU test proved anything,arena test with altered missile direction can't prove launch location
@DigitalBne oh okay, that was just the launch location then. Tks
#moscow launch location 4 new @hrw report on deaths in Syrian govt custody on #caesarphotos
@lavsmohan yus, launch location looked deceptively close
Why does the latest rocket launch, it's launch location and rocket type used reminds me of the #commandandconquer #zerohour intro?
@ASpinOfTheWheel Deus seems to be happy Snizhne area was launch location as per DSB,thinks UA controlled it tho ;) #mh17
@ID_R_McGregor is this the developer event in China? Are we to believe this is now the formal launch location?