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RT @thehomielina: y'all take twitter too fucking serious. just laugh at some stupid shit and shut the fuck up
RT @rickygervais: Why are racists always so miserable these days? Even Hitler had a laugh now and again.
Where are the girls that laugh at your jokes even when they're not funny ?
RT @lhumphries12: walk away from all the drama & people who create it. surround yourself with people who make u laugh. Forget the bad, and focus on the good.
Lrt made me laugh so loudly and suddenly i fell from my precarious position on the edge of the bed to the floor
RT @RealKhaIid: I never laugh at anyone doing bad, I've been through that.
@OfFireAndlce @CompromisedBoa -he couldn't help but laugh at his as he stuff his hands in his pockets-Cherry let's…
RT @montenegro_emil: When You Cant Do Anything Else, Laugh. #ALDUBxDTBYBagongSimula
Try Not to Laugh or Grin While Watching This (IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE) #27 Mar 2017
When u make a joke and ur waiting for everyone to laugh
RT @textposts: i want a relationship that'll never fade. when the rumors comes, we just laugh and remain strong.
RT @TRASH_MOBB: if u can genuinely make me laugh then i fwu
When your happy laugh
RT @sweetsavagaten: 😩😝😤: My fave meme and one of my faves you make me laugh so much ilysm Cat is so cute
RT @girlposts: when you're having a mental breakdown and start crying but you still manage to laugh at memes on twitter at the sam…
RT @Nrl_Ed: i cant tolerate with public shaming. like hello guys? what if the same thing happen to you? would you laugh & act like nothing happened?
RT @RealKhaIid: I never laugh at anyone doing bad, I've been through that.
my laugh is really annoying
RT @NiggaNarration: We all got friends we laugh with like this 😂
RT @Mike_P_Williams: @realDonaldTrump Please mention the emails. Just one more time, 45. It'd be great. We could all use a good laugh.