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RT @Reuters: Iran's 'The Salesman' wins Oscar for best foreign language film
RT @DVATW: This is cosmic grade stupid. Islam KILLS gays, you imbecile.
RT @larryelder: The Iranian Best Foreign Film winner took a swipe at Trump, but the maniacal, terrorizing ayatollahs of his country got a pass. #Oscars
RT @zlando: Respected muslim scholar @TarekFatah warns Canadian Senate Committee truth about islam. Watch him take down "Libera…
RT @brgsjks: Gerak gerak gerak gerak dulu geng gua islam beb
RT @maspiyuuu: NAH! Prabowo Subianto UNGKAP Kecurangan di Pilkada DKI
The Trip of Vice Chair of 2 Organs of Export of #Terrorism & Fundamentalism of D #Iranian Regime Must Be Canceled
Giulio Terzi: #Iran Rgm Exports Fundamentalism & Terrorism to Conceal It's Disabilities.
RT @business: Iran's former hard-line President Ahmadinejad sends a letter to Trump
RT @Euractiv: Thousands form huge EU flag during Bucharest protest
RT @BraddJaffy: Statement from Iranian director Asghar Farhadi, Oscar winner protesting Trump's “inhumane” immigration travel ban
Orang Munafiq Pendukung Terbesar ahog.....HARAM Ummat Islam menshokati Jenazah Munafiq (At Taubah 84)
RT @brgsjks: Gerak gerak gerak gerak dulu geng gua islam beb
RT @AmishPornStar1: As soon as my protest checks start rolling in I might be able to retire from Twitter.
Iranian film 'The Salesman' wins Oscar in biggest political statement of the night via @mashable
RT @IngridMattson: The Iranian American woman who accepted the Oscar on behalf of #farhadi is engineering genius & space traveller Anousheh Ansari #Oscars2017
RT @HistoryTime_: 27 February 1943. German women began a protest in Rosenstrasse, Berlin, to stop their Jewish husbands being deporte…
@EndiZentarmi @impratorin shameful, fuck the Iranian regime.
RT @DrBilalPhilips: If you don't have time for Allah, nothing is going to work out right in your #Life. #Muslims #Islam
RT @charliekirk11: In Iran they kill people for being gay. But ya go ahead and lecture us on our government. #Oscars
@CNN don't forget that Khamanai terrorist regime #Iran sends militia leading by terrorist Ghasem Solaimoni to slaug…
More and more people making anti-Trump activism part of their daily lives. Resistance is growing - admirable #Trump