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You know it's real when he puts a sticker of y'all on his laptop. ☺️
How airlines are responding to America's laptop ban - The Economist (blog) ☄ #vrai777 ⛱ $v ℅ Economist $
RT @PatamaNiMare: Exit Twitter, close laptop, get into bed, unlock phone, check Twitter.
Join kesini ~>> Ada Ipad, iphone, Laptop,Tv, Gadget, Pulsa & 100an hadiah gratis lainy #kuis #berhadiah #voucher
RT @annetdonahue: The thing about writing is that at some point you will type "the internet connects us all" before deciding to hurl your laptop into the sea.
@bradwilson @blowdart Have heard laptop key presses before. *shudder*
Taking no #laptop on a flight is just dumb. #LaptopBan shouldn't even be a thing. (In my opinion)
As of tomorrow I will have a laptop and be starting my own blog and can't wait to share my work with all of you 💓
Getting my new laptop today. Woop Woop! Another touchscreen! YES! More drawing for this dude!
[|@dcsiredthings|] "No, you haven't," Auden said, as she sat on the floor of Alex's bedroom and opened her laptop.
Póngase a hacer algo puto maestro de mierda, no nadamás se esté haciendo pendejo en la laptop.
RT @seekerdil: Here's proof that Indian make the 1st laptop with Wifi n Video chat in 1952 😀😀😀 HAHAHAHA😂😂
Ireland considers categorising large #ipads, laptops and desktops as 'TV sets'. Of course, it's a tax driven thing.
RT @iyad_eIbaghdadi: Spotted on a nearby reporter's laptop. Zoomed in
Satılık Notebook Anakartı M360SMB-OD SİS Çipsetli - Vizyon 2017
@jDantastic @OMENbyHP Would a 1050ti Hp Omen laptop good? 1070 is out of the budget for Hp Omen.
Learn how to bring car, phone, and laptop batteries back to life ->
Necesito mi laptop, en serio que sí.
Yalova'da Lenovo Notebook Bilgisayar Tamiri, Teknik Servisi - Vizyon 2017
RT @xuxanave: vocês viram que agora o meu laptop também contém a função stories? vem gente...
Really regretting not bringing my laptop for this 3 hour layover🙃🙃🙃
Yalova'da Lenovo Notebook Bilgisayar Tamiri, Teknik Servisi
Jogged to the cafe with my laptop so I could work on Nerdlord and watch @pupinjin's stream~ > w <
, been back at school for a day and not having my laptop is stressing me tf out. 🤦🏽‍♀️ #central_rys17
@miss_annalysee honetly anything will do because imm using a laptop to communcate with the world!!!!