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Dah masuk 4 kali tau tak aku restart laptop ni 😭
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Online jobs for students are practical for anyone who has a laptop and internet connection.
My roommate disappeared.. woke up and him and his laptop arnt around..he was there when I first went to sleep..prob decided to call it quits
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hate the fact that i have to study with my laptop every single time
bila boleh bukak laptop ni nak main fresh nak buat character baru @#$%&*-+(!"';/?()
@GOtvKenya I used to check my account status when not having my laptop. Mobile SSD platform is expensive. But it's ok
Tak guna cas laptop tak bukak suis
Got to buy new laptop since my last laptop which was given to me by federal govt on merit basis got stolen from my car 😭 Any suggestions?
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@JE0NGHANNIE same here!:(( baru aja pagi tadi seneng mengingat h-4 trus buka laptop ngelancarin fanchant, lah sekarang? 😭😭💔
Ingat laptop aku tu harta awam ke siaa korang nak guna suka hati je 😒🌵
Alhamdulillah, akhirnya laptop bisa nyambung internet lagi 😥 Mulai penyakitan nih laptop
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Nope. The laptop is dead. Or, rather, steam is. I have nooo idea what's wrong but it won't launch the games properly.
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RT @Benoo_Brown: When you're watching something on your laptop and see your reflection
@differentoceans the blocky end of my laptop charger FALLS OUT OF THE SKY and hits me on the nose and it really hurt >.>
RT @mightbeluela: somali guys are acc devils. 1 min ur in love, next minute u got tears spilling on ur laptop as u write an anonymous post on shaax corner
RT @nblhn_: Kalau ada idea tu, laju je menaip. Kalau kering idea, nak pandang screen laptop pun tak mampu.