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RT @BarackObama: Tonight, President Obama reflects on eight years of progress. Watch the #FarewellAddress at 9 pm ET: #ObamaFarewell
RT @WhiteHouse: Live from Chicago: President Obama's Farewell Address
Watching CNN - the last speech of President Obama - will miss his and his powerful speeches.
RT @Lilly_Works: Obama's campaign slogan has successfully evolved from "Yes, we can" to "Yes, we DID." #ObamaFarewell
RT @marykissel: If Obama were a successful president & his policies had worked, Hillary would've won the election -- she ran on his ideas. Just saying.
Is that canned laughter and an applause track I hear at the Obama farewell speech?
You can talk all the trash you want Obama, just know that the overwhelming majority is counting down the days until you leave office!
RT @wsbtv: Crowd interrupts @POTUS by chanting "Four more years!" Obama: 'I can't do that'
i remember being in ELEMENTARY school when obama first won now im in college holy shit
Barack Obama will go down in history as the greatest president in the history of the United…
Best Obama Speech ever!!!
RT @LBC: Barack Obama says US is now 'a better, stronger place' in his farewell address. Listen live:
RT @mariasirens: obama's fucking speech has me hella emotional
RT @BuzzFeedNews: President Obama issues a challenge on Obamacare during his farewell address to the nation
RT @LOLGOP: I've been waiting for 7 years for Obama to take my gun and all I got was a job, health insurance and marriage equality.
Obama: If a better healthcare system is proposed, I will support it. — ABS-CBN News (ABSCBNNews) January 11, 2017
RT @stacylizz: Obama is what class looks like. He is an egoless, well spoken, intelligent President. #ObamaFarewell
Obama: "you got something better than ACA? Show me the receipts!" BLOOP! #ObamaFarewell
Someone please put on Obama's TelePrompTer that the United States is a Constitutional Republic, NOT a Democracy.
RT @t_rayyyyy: President Barack Obama will be MY President until the day I die!...OR at least until we find a Democratic as Popping as him! #ObamaFarewell
RT @ChiefKeef: Eitha Vote For Obama Or Ima Fuck Ur Moma #300
RT @emRoxy: 2008 was the first time I voted and it was for this great president. We'll miss you Obama 😩 #FarewellObama
RT @FabulouslyYoung: Yes! President Obama list those accomplishments for the people who said you haven't done anything while in office. #OBAMASFAREWELLSPEECH