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RT @NewIndianXpress: Pro-Taml outfits in Sri Lanka cautioned Rajnikanth from getting "involved" in the emotive ethnic issue.
RT @thatsTamil: இலங்கையை சர்வதேச குற்றவியல் நீதிமன்றத்தில் நிறுத்த ஐ.நா.வில் அன்புமணி வேண்டுகோள் #anbumaniramadoss
RT @pstanpolitics: India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka countries with lots of civil wars but much more coherent central institutions and elite politics
#ThreeWheel industry in Sri Lanka is unregulated but vehicle registration, driving licenses are regulated except fares
В Нью-Йорке два поезда сошли с рельсов
Мартен Фуркад во второй раз стал отцом
RT @WandileSihlobo: SOUTH AFRICA imports #tea of a value of U$51 million a year. Leading suppliers are: Malawi Sri Lanka Zimbabwe Tanzania Kenya China (ITC)
Row over Rajinikanth's visit to Sri Lanka..
Mota bhai ki lanka lagi monday ko...
Stop killing stray dogs in Colombo, Sri Lanka! Plz sign:
RT @yaparate40: #RompiendolaEnTacones Sirimavo Bandaranaike, la primer mujer en asumir el cargo de primera ministra en Sri Lanka…
Телеведущая Дана Борисова попала в больницу с воспалением легких
RT @ZaraDuRose: @RomeshRanga im visiting Colombo in a few days time, can you ask your mum for recommendations on places to visit? It's in Sri Lanka, FYI 😝
"I had an idea before I went to Sri Lanka of how I wanted to do things differently & didn't want to over-attack and things like that." Smith
#TeleDrama industry becomes a monopoly in the hands of a few business oriented producers in Sri Lanka & they manipulate it for their benefit
Sri Lanka: UN Failed to Investigate LTTE atrocities — Jeyatheeswaran at UNHRC
Sri Lanka: UN Failed to Investigate LTTE atrocities — Jeyatheeswaran at UNHRC
"I learned a lot out of Sri Lanka when we lost there, just about playing in the subcontinent and leading in the subcontinent," Smith said.
U.S. drone kills Qari Yasin blamed for attack on Sri Lanka cricket team in Pakistan