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J'ai le seum de pas avoir été à Ouest Park👎🏽
Tout putting a mall & movie theater out here RT @NOLAnews: Landrieu, Harrison tout New Orleans East crime drop
Landrieu, Harrison tout New Orleans East crime drop
RT @docrod2008: @freshdystopia @Dyoung1208 @MariaBartiromo Yes, he was convicted in the Landrieu case. His prior videos have been debunked.
From Google Alerts: Landrieu, Harrison tout New Orleans East crime drop
New Orleans City Council OKs Short-Term Rentals
Landrieu, Harrison tout New Orleans East crime drop
The Times Picayune - Landrieu, Harrison tout New Orleans East crime drop
Press Release from the Mayor: Mayor Landrieu Announces NOLA FOR LIFE Midnight Basketball Season 13
@byjoelanderson @MRubio52 @francescamirab years of leadership by scumbags of the Morial and Landrieu families
The NOPD Superintendent and @MayorLandrieu addressing 7th district officers. Landrieu wants more $ for 150 new offi…
Mayor Mitch Landrieu- City of New Orleans Named U.S. Dept. Of Transportation’s Advisory Committee Chair For...
@Codysmolinski1 @DonaldJTrumpJr three years probation. What is wrong with you people?
@btobias56 @BreitbartNews phone tampering at Sen Landrieu's office. I post facts
So, how do y'all like your asshole now?
@HunkerDowncast Lost Home Lounge presents The (Short Term) Rentals with Sexy Mitch Landrieu Costume at 9:30
thank you Mayor Landrieu for recognizing the great work of @CISNewOrleans
@did_way @ddale8 @sarahkendzior they weren't fired, the gop defunded it, then O'Keefe was CONVICTED
RT @jadelson: Here's the basics of the regulations in Landrieu's proposal earlier this week (graphic by the always awesome…
@EsotericCD trying to recall a similar controversy with Landrieu in La a few years back - voters didn't seem to care IIRC
@rengaw_a @teddyschleifer It's conceivable. Landrieu used to win run-offs in LA. I still think Chambliss 2008 model is overwhelmingly likely
New Orleans residents: Mayor Landrieu has been:
RT @AlgiersLady: Affordable housing list just got shortened yesterday 4 low income Orleanians. Landrieu Administration has successfully made City unafforable