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@TheRealSadistik @JayJayMay then possibly meet with some of the best local talent. @lando_chill and then you two can create some madness? 👌
RT @realbdw: As the next Lando Calrissian, Donald Glover gets why the character is so vital to Star Wars
Something new with my boii
RT @JamesDayByron: Urban Exploration: Costa Camuy Puerto Rico by LandoRivera | #500px #photography #photos
Happy birthday again Lando 😍
RT @Think_Positivez: Pop in your name and birthday and see for yourself ( 2017), you need for the most successful year EVER!…
Советник Трампа: вопрос о санкциях Россия и США могут обсудить за столом переговоров
Never get enough @donaldglover ...I'm really looking forward to his portrayal of a young Lando Calrissian!
RT @Think_Positivez: I just watched a movie… That changed my life forever… You can watch it right here...
@cami_lando exacto jajajajajaja🙄
RT @oedameron: get u someone who looks at u the way han looks at lando
Ali lando ordenes 😂😂 #EsposaJoven
RT @Ebk_numba00: Bro if I had female she will never ever struggle period work, sports school work, money etc I will help her before I help myself ✊🏽
RT @oedameron: get u someone who looks at u the way han looks at lando
RT @SWBFUpdates: Less than 24h until the reign of Lando will end! Pic by @BFCaptures
RT @_MsQu33nSteph: I'm on my SAVAGE.. I will love again later...
RT @MyBlackMatters: Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽
Why is Lando so underrepresented in Star Wars canon and merchandise? via /r/StarWars #star