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Dang y'all just gonna break up when you go off to college and waste them pictures 🤦🏾‍♂️ hope y'all work tho
RT @K_Figgs96: Black guys don't cheat.
RT @frenyy10: Stefan and Caroline getting married makes me feel some type of way 😩
СК проводит проверку после смерти арестанта в «Матросской тишине»
Or quick to change the subject
Read all signs might be telling u something important 💯
RT @Issa_GOLD: 3000 RTs and Ill drop The Underachievers - Head Right.
It's the little things fr 👍🏾
RT @ohhblivious: When the waitress comes by and tries to grab your plate @OpTic_Crimsix @CODWorldLeague
@ipaintflxwers « reduce a Lando. —Ladea el cuerpo hacia ella, con el ceño algo fruncido, no olvidando el hecho de que había nombrado estar »
@mystarwarsstory @swbooks My white whale now are the original HC Lando Calrissian Adventures.
RT @WadeORadio: WATCH: @cashhollistah talks about taking a leap of faith in video for "jump." feat. Lando //
RT @AnaBrecoWorld: 📰Nota Diez Minutos II @anabrendac 👸se despide de "El hombre de la Mancha" 🎭⚔️🛡️🏰❣️
@MrGarces23 bueno me fije fue xq te pego primero al lando... pero note que te quitó mucho entonces si era banded
I am the Lando of slashing open skulls
@mewibos getting lando to lanklet shame u
@redguaranitv Ella si es re calidad un encanto la sra vivi lando
RT @FamousDex: All my Real Fans Vote for me this Year plz @XXL 💯❤️❣️🔥🏅
RT @PrettyAhhNique_: @DjDeal601 @iam_lando KMl , I Fck with y'all ! 💯😎