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@natalieefosterr @FreakingTrue I was crying watching those snaps you sent landis 😂😂😂
RT @CBazenas: I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I'm ready for Max Landis to just fuck off.
RT @TreySap: HAHAHA literally just thinking this
RT @pete_pang: Grow because you can, not because you have to
sleeping now 😴😴I love Justin Bieber nick hall Jensen ackles grant landis Jacob my salvtore Evan peters and klaus and my Noah Niall Luke to😍
I love Max Landis on movie fights.
Frank the Clown is bearable when compared to Max Landis
Só vi agora q vc respondeu a pergunta do Max Landis... — Ele conta boas histórias, mais até do que as escrev...
Max Landis Is a Hollywood Disrupter With an Attitude - New York Times #Hollywood #CelebrityNews
Max Landis, The Most Opinionated Screenwriter In Hollywood, Turns To TV via @NylonMag
RT @SexualGif: I've never seen a more accurate description 😂
The legend of Javy grows #Cubs
@Uptomyknees If there's one thing you could say about Max Landis and his twitter it sure as fuck wouldn't be he uses it for self promotion.
@SuperheroNewsCB could Max Landis, Rian Johnson, or "independent" film makers take the superman property for MoS 2 and restore its soul?
@Uptomyknees Odd. "Self promotion" feels like a business term. Hard to imagine studio saying "Was unsure re: Landis, but that last Tweet..."
also got to pet an 8 week old black lab and started sobbing on Landis
RT @Alief_SLE: Thank you Ms. Govea for creating such wonderful tool to plan Language Objectives #Landis Elementary #SLE ILT Meeting
RT @crupicrupicrupi: @TarsTarkasnet Even John Landis said, "Dude, that's some fucked-up shit" when he saw that clip.
@TarsTarkasnet Even John Landis said, "Dude, that's some fucked-up shit" when he saw that clip.
I love Bonsai more than I love Eminem
@arykaknoche I don't!!!🙋🏼