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@Uptomyknees "I can't handle my smoke, so you shouldn't smoke weed either" - Max 'Nancy Reagan' Landis
*stares at a geek writing question tweet I want to ask Max Landis* *half an hour passes* *deletes it and sleeps to forget it*
@J_D_Landis 1 day let's make book true story, 1 survive as #minority in #Indonesia no support frm government school settled by himself IQ143
@missmayn Ally you're gorgeous! But you knew that. I would love it if you would share this with your followers:… @joshua_landis please tweet your content more, really interesting.
John Landis e Monica Bellucci star del Film Festival a Montecarlo @LaStampa
U thought you got me 😂
So, you think it may be time to quit twitter...then @J_D_Landis pops up!
RT @ColeCrawford25: Why stress over something you can't control..
RT @LifelnWords: Getting ignored is the worst thing ever.
RT @2121Savage: I've had a good heart for all the wrong people.
Catch me on landis lame asf
@khristi0n Forever your #1 fan Love.💍💞
@raven_landis Thank you for always supporting me baby..I love you so much. 💘
@khristi0n You're such an amazing player. I am so proud of you. Your basketball career is just beginning. Keep your head up. I love you💕
@J_D_Landis You are right. Had they given birth they would be much more acceptable. Maybe this why they try so very hard to conquer.
@J_D_Landis Once I looked at a naked, deciduous branch and we became one.
RT @unsmokabIe: mick jagger and bianca jagger sleeping on a bus in berlin (1973)
honey honey honey honey
RT @beautyandbelize: Me passing by Chick-fil-a on a Sunday