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@tessassa Yaampun, aku juga pernah digituin tau kak:( sampe blg "kalo aku lamar mau ga?" kan serem yaa
#NowPlaying Ben Lamar Gay & Edinho Gerber - Empregada
'Juice' starring the late Tupac Shakur and Omar Epps was released on this day 1992. The movie has been sampled by a…
RT @nowunitedswag: No próximo clipe do now united o Lamar vai ter q ficar na frente, aparecer em todo canto, vai ser o q começa a músi…
RT @ProFootballTalk: Lamar Jackson: I want to be like Brady, win multiple Super Bowls
RT @LacesOutShow: Lamar Jackson has been missing since telling Ray Lewis he wants to be just like Tom Brady
RT @champagnehann: Me: “Drake is the greatest rapper of all time” Kendrick Lamar fans:
RT @OnlyHipHopFacts: Kendrick Lamar rapping DMX songs with J. Cole before bringing him out in NC.
@KhalidHAlshami The Lamar Hunt trophy has resided in a neighboring state 7 times since the early 80s!
@kenneth_lamar It’s because I haven’t seen you in so long so i deadass forgot 😭😂
There wasn’t social media back then to see ya mama aunt grandma showing they ass
RT @champagnehann: Me: “Drake is the greatest rapper of all time” Kendrick Lamar fans:
RT @ChristianRToro: Y’all should’ve known not to play with Soulja Boy after he did this 😂
@fabiellie_m Ya forget I can be real sadistic lol
RT @BatmanResist: #TNSEN Lamar is a big fan of a #TrumpShutdown and reigns in #WheresMitchDay26 as he does to reign in…
I liked a @YouTube video Kendrick Lamar - Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst
RT @consequence: New music from the artist Kendrick Lamar once described as his favorite.
@NickSwagyPYoung Metta and Lamar? Bit of a stretch.
Might be the best Kollector’s edition I’ve ever seen plus MK11 comes out the day before my birthday.... I’m too exc…
RT @NFL: "I want to be the Tom Brady of Baltimore."
Ya think this wasn’t engineered in a lab ? In the wise words of Izzy “ you STOOPID”
random access memories (daft punk), to pimp a butterfly & good kid maad city (kendrick lamar), blonde & channel ora…