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@Tveez_World too real! Yea you go harder for Kobe than any Laker fan I've seen honestly lol
@216Tone we gonna talk playoffs laker fan?
Seen the warriors assistant coach at the airport and my moms was like "Aubry go get a picture" I had politely remind her I'm a laker fan
I'm a Laker fan but @Dame_Lillard is my fav killa on the court and now he drops a fire album!!! Thank you!!!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
RT @BigBabyJonathan: @twcsportsnet it's a great day to be a Laker fan we have a lot of young talent let's get this party started
I'm a Laker fan, but so far Wolves is the MIT next LA then NY Knicks.
RT @Temulkar: @shauntilleyuk Good god Shaun Tilley - you became a dj then?
RT @TiffanySnowXXX: My friend Chloe Rayne is at my place in #Leicester today for meets - text her #Adultwork…
RT @Joy105com: #Vote .@HillaryClinton #President2016 I'm With Her. Share If You Are Too! #Vote2016 #HillaryClinton…
@kawaiileia are you even a Laker fan bro!
@FirstTake @stephenasmith @maxkellerman ima laker fan forever , if I could take any player for next year it's not close LeBron
Forgot you a laker fan😭😭😭 it's all check out
rt , still a laker fan 4 life
Im not a laker fan, but I'll never let someone say the clippers run LA
@chrissmartines last time I recall I've been a laker fan since birth 😊, but you in the other side where that dodger gear come from πŸ€”
@BrianRHerrera @LAClippers @Dodgers laker fan doesn't know how to spell. Besides I don't see Kobe going to any games.
Most overlooked delusional Laker fan takes: "Lakers win a title with Kobe, Dwight, and CP3" "Kobe is better than Curry"
@JayeeJeFFers lmao for what? i'm a die hard laker fan but between them & the clippers. i know we ain't getting a trophy soon.
@Ckwal1126 I'm a dodger and niner die hard...your my new favorite follow on twitter...let's just hope your a laker fan as well
Ima laker and and rams fan I Gota hit la asap
RT @moneyskywalker: @MuyBu3no lmfao im back to being a Laker fan
@MuyBu3no lmfao im back to being a Laker fan
@edgr_9502 jk youre a laker fan... you already suffer enough
RT @NICKIMINAJ: Great question. I wouldn't have this many w/o a die hard, core fan base. So, thank you. As long as I inspire u to c…