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If you are a @Lakers Fan. You should realised right now that they improving every step of the way. Secondly, this is a very young Laker Team
@Derrick79418349 @Lakers Same Laker fan since 76 for me.
As a Laker fan I've been really impressed by the style of play instituted by Luke Walton and the improvements in D'Angelo Russell's game.
Not a Laker Fan lol feelin like i play for em doe
@romansfinest_ nigga I'm a laker fan lol TF
@yfletcher96 agreed I'm a laker fan then a warrior fan. Since pgh has no team. The lakers need 40 wins this year n I'll be happy lol
@JoetotheG27 u a bengals fan and a laker fan them my teams too. Can i get a follow back??
RT @SDinwiddie_25: So I land and see the heat lost 😁 and yes ima salty Laker/Kobe fan..
deangelo russel makes me happy to be a devoted laker fan , things take time
@Ibj23 @BleacherReport Good team with ALOT of potential. I'm a laker fan. Nash-hurt, We know how Dwight turned out
2012 Laker team was a super team grfoh and I'm a laker fan
@ItsmeEddieC I also grew up in the 90's and I'm a Laker fan from New York (Dad was from Cali)...but I'm a Redsox and Eagles fan lol
@PicksByDynasty I think this is garbage: @KingJames grew up in 90's a front running Laker, Cowboy, Yankee fan, and he's from Akron. LOLOLOL
@Tveez_World too real! Yea you go harder for Kobe than any Laker fan I've seen honestly lol
@216Tone we gonna talk playoffs laker fan?
Seen the warriors assistant coach at the airport and my moms was like "Aubry go get a picture" I had politely remind her I'm a laker fan
I'm a Laker fan but @Dame_Lillard is my fav killa on the court and now he drops a fire album!!! Thank you!!!! 🔥🔥
RT @BigBabyJonathan: @twcsportsnet it's a great day to be a Laker fan we have a lot of young talent let's get this party started
I'm a Laker fan, but so far Wolves is the MIT next LA then NY Knicks.
RT @Temulkar: @shauntilleyuk Good god Shaun Tilley - you became a dj then?
RT @TiffanySnowXXX: My friend Chloe Rayne is at my place in #Leicester today for meets - text her #Adultwork…
RT @Joy105com: #Vote .@HillaryClinton #President2016 I'm With Her. Share If You Are Too! #Vote2016 #HillaryClinton…
@kawaiileia are you even a Laker fan bro!