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RT @emahdre: I ball like a laker.✨🔥the whole foe g4ng nice
@LALakersUnited same as any other day just waiting for laker Ball to start once again
MG has the ball on the Laker 20. 1 min left
Stuck with my niggas now we all winnin rolling up paper ball like a laker top of the building I'm high as a scrapper
Laker ball. 3:45 left. Ball at the 50
5:48 left. Maple Grove Ball. At Laker 44.
Knutson interception! Laker ball.
Defense holds. Laker ball.
Martin attempts to take the ball end line, but it's knocked out of bounds for a Laker corner.
Pass complete to Reuter but a fumble on the tackle results in a Laker ball at the ORR 35. Following play is a 35 yd TD. Lakers 6 ORR 0.
@Laker_Show I know. Lol. Saying his approach. Need more ball movement and for him to set up easy looks for other players consistently.
@Trav_504 I was telling people this last year and you know I'm not a laker fan but he can ball
Sacramento 116 LAKERS 104 That was our worst preseason game so far. Not great on either side of the ball tonight. D'Angelo Russell 31 pts
Waste of a timeout. Couldn't get the ball inbounds against Laker pressure
RT @FearTheGreat_: That laker ball movement 🔥
That laker ball movement 🔥
Laker fans this pains me to say this, but Randall and or Clarkston has to go if we want Ingram to grow into a star.Only 1 ball out there
Gonna watch more Laker preseason ball tonite. Hopefully we won't make costly turnovers tonite against SAC...
Even as a Laker, Pierce always had my respect. Dude could straight ball.
JV Lakers and Lions trade punts. Laker ball on their 28
@J30_RANDLE I'm gonna say to you as a 40 plus year Laker Fan and a fan of yours. The ball is in your court, Kobe passed it to you. #uabeast
RT @Dp_Carter: @primeloading @KobeTruthNlight What Laker fan says Kobe is a ball-hog ??
RT @President_OfRI: There's only one laker that has more assist then him and thats magic so he passed the ball more then a lot of peopl…
RT @monteeee_: I wanna ball like laker, aint chasing no bitches I'm chasing this paper.
Last night at the laker game i drafted @Dame_Lillard and then i look up and he splashes a 3 ball. Salute.