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Bout to start a laker channel on YouTube. These weird ass laker fans from Ontario and idk elsewhere be killin me.
@Marleyman504 @lpces99 @BobbyMarks42 Pels are more than just AD and I’m a Laker fan. Holiday shocked me by being th…
@jarrettalbright @BR_NBA All the laker fans screaming “LONZO BETTER” under every post about him
RT @Vincent7597: @DowntownRams Thursday prediction is almost up 😳
RT @_elianapalacio: I want a drink from Cowboys, it’s thirsty Thursday :/
If you are slandering any of the guys on the Lakers that made over 20 points tonight, you on some BS. The facts are…
Reason I just use my friends lmaooo
Well Lakerz! May B next season cause Y'all yung niggaz ain't ready yet. Laker Fan 4 Life!
RT @itsnotapril: Even tho my team puts me through hell, I can’t imagine myself not being a Laker fan. Like that’s just not an option
That was certainly Lonzo’s Kobe vs Utah Jazz moment! On 1 hand I’m happy he’s bold, but he’s gotta work in the shot…
@Aloha_Koolkid *Heading into the Laker Locker room for his debut, Lakers signed a lifetime 9million dollar contract…
One minute Lonzo the best dude on lakers then the next he can shoot? Some of y'all laker fans kill me
RT @LakersTake: Periodt. Laker fans blaming players like they didn’t play hard. We hoopin.
GVSU Laker Challenge - Girls 4x600 Relay 2nd place (Estrella, Rypma, Jenkins,S Witvliet) @calvinathletics
RT @CountOnVic: Laker fans looking at Luke Walton
@Kuzmaniaa @chundisss Have you watch his game? Just because he has a broken shot doesn’t mean he ain’t a great play…
Sádico + Sádica Relación perfecta.😍😍
We need every god damn Laker legend in the facility this off-season to train our guys
@Laker_Show You guys do know we’re missing a 6 foot 9 guy who can pretty much do everything on the basketball court…
RT @CountOnVic: Laker fans looking at Luke Walton
The trouble with predators is that they don't know who's the prey - until he's dead.-Sir Freddie Laker
@jarrettalbright @BR_NBA If Ben Simmons had the same line laker fans would be all over his shooting % and you know it