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RT @3sladd3: MBR Bullriders Trigger Ladd, Tucker Willis, & Aidan Johnson hanging out with Bruiser & Dillon Page this weekend in…
RT @iChewittt: No one is you and that is your power
RT @MissLizzyNJ: Why, what did you do...invade Korea?
@PaulFoleyc for real. I'm bout to play now
RT @Real_TimRiggins: "Clear Eyes.. Full Hearts.." "CANT LOSE!!"
RT @SidGrauman: Paramount's biggest box-office duo of the 1940s, Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake, star in THIS GUN FOR HIRE. See it at…
RT @KashMoneyKanee: Me: "remember I told you that babe?" Her: "No, wrong bitch"
RT @TheTumblrPosts: if you have a strong gut feeling about someone/something i promise you you're right about it
i got my baby back😌
#LADD Stray Dog: Cincinnati ReelAbilities Film Review. Read Blog:
#LADD Hiring Troy Has Been Good For 3CDC. Read Blog:
RT @LaddObs: the RI Society of Professional Land Surveyors are at Ladd tonight for #NationalSurveyorsWeek open 8-10 pm
@KristenGemma1 @POTUS @CIA @FBIWFO that makes 9 so far... coincidence????
enjoying at Tampa Bay Brewing Company
My stomach just dropped
my day typically consists of getting gym time/work done as quickly as possible so I can get back to watching PLL
@Pat_The_Ladd No problem bro! Time to make some gainzz!!
RT @HeathersDiary: "how extra are you gonna be as a mom"
Revisiting this 1981 #scifi thriller "High Noon in space" 2nd film from the Ladd Company Then came: Body Heat Chari…