Tweets about a recent trend: L-thing

That's why I gotta ease up on this "L" thing... Cld mess Wicha head
Only l thing l am able to think of RT @_KingCu: Of course😒😧 https://t.co/J1P0bVgauQ
Twitter - help me out. Anyone have a picture/still of Sara Ramirez doing the L thing on her forehead but backwards?
@nyenpo Very much a nation-wide/internat'l thing. See it very frequently in Massachusetts.
this whole army once exo l thing extremely entertaining
How! Elimpopo kuse maplazin? @skeemsam @sabc1 this is not good l thing is better than KZN
@minhunniee @damayrajmnz @taexree @sehunsmocha and about that "army-l" thing, I never use it, I just wanted to make a point, something like-
Nobody loves you If they say so, it'll take a li'l thing to finish it.
@junmyeonus the most unloya l thing I've ever tweeted sorry junmyeon
at first the whole army vs exo-l thing was funny on a good day but now its just boring and repetitive. just stan your group AND GO!!
I think me and Meek going head to head w this L thing
@TheHarryNews stop l**** thing y'all😒
@fawfulfan @Ziamp That "big L small l" thing is hard to understand cuz nobody learns it in school. I'm neither. #Progressive
@Johnwil77 Nice! Great lesson on following that chart & not your p/l. Thing went to $13!
RT @specdraws: did a li'l thing of my succubus amara for my first ever #cutiesaturday!! https://t.co/C4TB0BA0ic
I'm too tired to watch the R&L thing I'm going to cry
@tyang600 I LOVE HER SO MUCH!! also r u showing them the L thing lmao
RT @bendanielsss: Chicago is fun and I’m LOVING The Exorcist but I can’t bear that I can’t squeeze this li’l thing until November :( https://t.co/aCNA3MYgMa
@KySportsRadio no but you're also talking about bad stuff there too. This isn't a U of L thing...he survived in part because he's a name.
@cliftontownmeet How about a FB "like" for "Candy, " a Clifton girl who didn't let a li'l thing like DEATH stop her! https://t.co/JU2rMtpnKJ
@IanDunt You should also admit how you have to do that L thing with your fingers and thumb to recall the difference between left and right