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do any of you guys remember wilson farms
RT @jbview: So he's basically saying "We've been acting massively irresponsible for so long we've forgotten how not to." That's his excuse.
Love you guys so much! Thank you for the wink Q!!! Hands from Joe and funny funny!!@SalVulcano @jamessmurray
RT @jbview: GOP had a House majority for 6 years. That's only "out of power" if they treated it that way - which was massively irresponsible.
[Wilson Woods] 98% Magikarp ♂ (15/14/15, Splash/Struggle) 'til 11:20:26pm (56m 30s).
Now Live Listen to Josh Wilson - Symphony
Bear’s New Friend (Unabridged) - Karma Wilson | Drama... #Drama&Poetry #DramaampPoetry
David Wilson ft Jason Walker, Melo-D-Heirs, & Co. - Lean On Me
RT @ncaawbb: Kaela Davis and A'ja Wilson combine for 52 points as South Carolina handles Quinnipiac to advance to the #Elite8!
RT @NetworkJunkyz: Rick Wilson @TheRickWilson on Lawrence "The emperor has been buck-naked from the beginning" 😂
@LaKitKat she reminds me of rebel Wilson. I just feel like everyone was being so shady to her.
@IMFletcher2 @MrWilson @FeitCanWrite and naturally Mr. Wilson has great taste in salsa!
When I saw Cheryl I immediately thought of Ms. Wilson AND I GOT SO CONFUSED
@Rubiu5 y uno acá estudiando como esclava quiero ser Wilson
RT @BeachPlaces: Forever in love with the shore 👅
RT @ArrowBrasil: Sobre Slade Wilson retornar na 5ª temporada de Arrow:
RT @buffalobills: On the third anniversary of his passing, we fondly remember our founding owner, Ralph C. Wilson, Jr.
RT @BlkHistStudies: "After a generation of assimilationist fantasies, we find ourselves without an economic agenda" - Dr Amos Wilson…
Olá garoto tá na hora de cortar a juba
RT @televisionjam: Up Next: Magnum Kings and Queens Of Dancehall LIVE