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Now playing Sunday Morning Woman by Phil Wilson! (
RT @HardikPatel_: भाजपा के अच्छे दिन आ गए लेकिन जनता का क्या ? गुजरात में चल रहे आंदोलन किसान,फ़िक्स पगार पर कर्मचारी,बेरोज़गारी,पाटीदार - दलित.
RT @DhamijaKanta: LG एक चेहरा हैं जो केंद्र सरकार की Script पर काम करवा रहे हैं अफसरों से।
RT @realvarungupta: See this - Govt giving ISI certification for Pakistani cement & open sale of this cement in India. Banning a movie…
@amy_wilson_11 aww thankyou amy ly💕💕x
RT @Ashish_1905: लगता है @realDonaldTrump संघियों का overseas वाला पापा हो गया😁 विश्वभर में घूम घूम के जुमले पेलने वाले वाले पप्पा…
just a little wilson evolution tweet
@ESPNagora @JadsonN_andre @julian_wilson É repescagem ainda, ou já começou a 3ª fase?
#Cuenca:"Dr.Wilson Muñóz,Coor.Compromiso Ecuador:Tema político:Para mí todas las encuestas son manipuladas."
RT @GauravPandhi: "You look like JNU students", said @DelhiPolice, Yelling at everyone. Whatever that means? They checked my ID/ Ph before letting off. (5/n)
RT @squaddquotes_: Stan lee usa las mismas iniciales en sus personajes: Peter Parker Reed Richards  Bruce Banner Francisco Franco Matt Murdock Wade Wilson ...
RT @BJCalvillo: "Hey Owen Wilson, what's your favorite game?" Owen Wilson: "WOW"
RT @BroncoSportsFB: WATCH | Cedrick Wilson shows off his hands with this great 36-yard TD catch! Broncos back on top, 21-17!
RT @TomLondon6: Last PM to be elected without Murdochs support was Harold Wilson in 1974 Murdoch extracts a price for his support He corrupts our democracy
Ivy League conservative, CIA asset, creator and host of Firing Line, marijuana enthusiast, Bill Buckley.
RT @oswalina1: Cuando nos oponemos a la concentración del poder rechazamos la dictadura xq con ella se destruyen las libertades del pueblo. Woodrow Wilson
RT @ziguzagu75: 久々に銀の皿のCMの動画見たけどやっぱ面白いわ
Пофигизм - отличный способ сберечь нервы:)...