Kyle Peters

So started school at the university, that was cool. Made friends and was told by my Chinese teacher I have a Taiwanese accent when I speak
@AdamLusk11 😱 what happened that's so spooky?
@Lesdoggg did nothing wrong and I support her
This blaming the victim game is so old and tired that most people who try it aren't even good at playing the part anymore.
You must want your house, your car, your shirt, your phone, your food stolen and given to someone else because you had it.
To be real, if your idea is that she shouldn't have taken nude photos if she didn't want them leaked. Then you must want your house snatched
Leslie jones is just proof that the better you do and the more you ignore irrelevant people is the more they try to come for you.
@SpiffyPenguin giving you a virtual hug right now as i reread your tweets. ❤️
@Marie_Lu It was as entertaining and interesting as it was validating.
@Marie_Lu That there are people who know that these things happen and are not afraid to write about them. Thank you for writing that story.
@Marie_Lu I hope you know that in that one work, you have made many readers, myself included, feel that their experiences are understood.
@Marie_Lu Your entry into The Slasher Girls and Monster Boys anthology was one of my favorites. I felt validated in reading that story.
Do you guys remember these? Someone just bought me a necklace made with one as the pendant. #Pokemon #90s #throwback
When your friend calls you a nickname they heard your mother call you on the phone.