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@Pink That said Don't send me any more spam And she is the only one I kind of feel sorry for her Because all my oth… https://t.co/pL3kewdwRo
estoy viendo el unplugged de nirvana por la 89 vez y todavia no puedo creer que kurt cobain sea el hombre mas lindo de la historia
suicidal thoughts call it kurt cobain
RT @HardRockHotelLV: #FunFact: Some of the greatest #RockNRoll musicians of all time were left-handed: Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and Pau… https://t.co/FTpS89ES9R
se eu tô nesse mundo é pra apreciar h styles usando oculos do kurt cobain https://t.co/JnLzmb84r1
Se meus olhos mostrassem a minha alma, todos, ao me verem sorrir, chorariam comigo. Kurt Cobain
"Sure." - Kurt Cobain 1967-1993
RT @lilithlevisis: ironic tht the same ppl who idolize/worship n wear t shirts of sid vicious n kurt cobain nn Elliot smith gg allin e… https://t.co/5LAmmMhFwh
@Pink The movie SOAKED IN BLEACH and Tom Grant and Co-author Mathew Richie The Mysterious Death of Kurt Cobain Suic… https://t.co/5BlJKirvoi
@vivode_fome @dudu_jnrr Que falou bosta Uow, óculos do Kurt Cobain
📹 pro-gay: catbountry: wanderingtycho: This is what Kurt Cobain wanted. He would fucking love this.... https://t.co/lD5VD8uL9H
@spacegirlgail @kelly_welles @KellyCates Turned 14 and discovered Lou Reed, Kurt Cobain and hair products.
RT @marcelinesteel: when Kurt Cobain said "I'm so ugly" i really felt that one.
@Pink Thank-you so very much Pink I am happy to know that You understand the severity of all that us Nirvana Fans a… https://t.co/hfhjZohooF
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/Ia3z111qJP FREE Lil Peep x Juice WRLD x Lil Tracy Type Beat - Kurt Cobain
RT @colorlessFlag: Guys look at kurt cobain’s response when someone from the audience told him “ nirvana sucks” Cute wtffff https://t.co/hTKnDTspkF
RT @marcelinesteel: when Kurt Cobain said "I'm so ugly" i really felt that one.
RT @esquire: Take a look at how the guitars used by Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, and Kurt Cobain were made. https://t.co/yFOdpMzY3G https://t.co/nYZ0uSx3IY
RT @marcelinesteel: when Kurt Cobain said "I'm so ugly" i really felt that one.
RT @ID6ix: Biggie Smalls x Kurt Cobain x Tupac Shakur https://t.co/XKgI1GHsse
all kurt cobain wanted was to be in a pixie's cover band