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@colintrevorrow make the lovely dinosaurs eat all TERFs, please.
@Lord_Kristine You'll unlock the activist perk at that point.
@MANX38 @peggynysom @VaughnHillyard @Morning_Joe I think he’d make an incredible campaign manager or other inside a…
“Otid ka sa aking tabi” 💚
RT @baddestputa___: everybody just keep showing me their true colors
RT @brazy1k: Money don’t impress me LOYALTY do ❗️🗣🗣🗣
dont feel like bein stuckk at home todayy but theres nowheree to goo or nobodyy to see 😭🤦🏽‍♀️
@kristine_stone @cordiewalker That wasn't for your benefit. 😂😉
Omg, remember when that jackass said I sounded like a TERF in a conversation where I was *defending* other trans pe…
RT @ciyaahFINE_ASS: People don’t give you a choice but to stop fucking wit them 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
-- "This discussion is finished, Kristine. Goodbye!" His stare was granite hard, the emotionless refuge of the col…
@Lord_Kristine Sauries? Featheries? Plumeies? What’s the shortened form of that?
@centrists2020 @VaughnHillyard @Morning_Joe I think Yates OR Swalwell could bury Trump/Pence in 2020. Esp with Kama…
Gin at 💚🐸
desperatly need to get out of New York
@StevePerryMusic Would love the opportunity to interview you about your new album & life, love and the pursuit of h…
RT @Medietilsynet: Hvordan kan vi gjøre barn til trygge digitale forbrukere? Kom på debatt på #Castelle onsdag kl 09 @ArendalsUka Vi…
this #TBT let's shoplift from Claire's
@ktpassantino @kristinekwak Kristine please send me the link to the jump scare.
@Lord_Kristine Putting out new material is a good way to get attention!