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RT @TIFF_NET: In PERSONAL SHOPPER + CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA, Kristen Stewart plays characters on the periphery of wealth + celebrity…
RT @BechdelTestFest: Kristen Stewart stuns in this bewitching drama. Catch in cinemas while you still can.
RT @Robkris8: Robert Pattinson,kristen Stewart, Tom Sturridge y Sienna Miller
RT @theTFS: Kristen Stewart delivers an outstanding performance in PERSONAL SHOPPER. Don't miss this one.…
RT @BTreyDeuce: Personal Shopper: A slow starter but once it finds its' stride it's hard not to be completely immersed in Kristen Stewart's performance.
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RT @Scamandalous: Still haunted by Kristen Stewart putting a space before question marks in texts.
RT @mountmckee: I'm gonna out and out say that I want Kristen Stewart to be nominated for an Oscar for Personal Shopper.
RT @Playboy: Has Kristen Stewart become one of the best actresses working today? Surprisingly, yes:
RT @TheCommonSpace: Kristen Stewart is captivating in haunting new film 'Personal Shopper', says our film critic Scott Wilson #FilmSpace
RT @IndieWire: Why #PersonalShopper is one of the best films ever made about the grieving process
RT @awalrusdarkly: I reviewed #PersonalShopper for @Playboy. I like it, and Kristen Stewart, a lot.
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RT @slaywartx: kristen stewart's able to pull off any hairstyle/color effortlessly im shookt
RT @LTDenverCO: Actress Kristen Stewart delivers a poignant performance in the hypnotic PERSONAL SHOPPER. #NowPlaying. Get tickets:…
RT @chloe__bott: just met my idol kristen stewart and this is the best day of my life
RT @Inlovewkstew: Kristen Stewart in a leather jacket? yes please
RT @HiiAmDaniel: Personal Shopper is next level KStew, Kristen Stewart at her absolute best. I was in awe of her performance & blown away by the film itself.
Is Kristen Stewart Dating #LiamNeeson? Actress Moves On From... #LiamNeeson
I thought Jodi Foster's kid was a boy for the first 25 percent of this movie turns out its young blond Kristen Stewart AMA
RT @queennn94: "I think it's the best work Stewart has done...she's so open to [Binoche] here." #1 best Kristen Stewart performanc…
RT @bloodclay: PERSONAL SHOPPER was worth the wait, and then some. Kristen Stewart gives her absolute best. Can't recommend this e…
RT @queennn94: "To watch her moving back and forth [from Val to Sigrid] is really a wonder." #1 best Kristen Stewart scene from fi…
Chay Suede, Humberto Carrão, Isabelle Drummond.. só falta a globo contratar a Kristen Stewart pra me foder de vez