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RT @yoonqook: today is the only day you can retweet this
RT @ash_mac_mur: we have two choices: complain about all the negative things in life OR rejoice in the positives that God faithfully provides; choose J O Y
You don't expect your emotions to get in the way of progress t... More for Sagittarius
I've been living with Krista for only 3 months and I cannot even count how many of her dishes I've broken!!!!
RT @archivemin: the fact that Agust D wasn't nominated for a grammy caught me off guard too but never accept rejection as failure
@JoeyBats19 Happy Wednesday Jose! Merry Christmas to you and your family.. Cheers Krista.
RT @yoongiiaf: They told me to put a star on top of my tree, so I did
@krista_ashhh thanks krista 😌👌🏻
RT @CentennialCCU: Latest Head On, Centennial Fellow Krista Kafer (@KristaKafer) discusses democracy after 2016. Watch full video here:
Happy 16th bday Uncle Rick!! ilysm❤️👴🏼👒🐯💋 @maclaine_00
@JRog410 @Krista a corgi sweater…. we need 🙌🏻 (santa, I’ll also take a corgi) 🎅🏻
RT @TheTumblrPosts: S/O to my future husband during finals, think about our kids, the house (my Range Rover).... Love you
Huge happy birthday @hudsonbishop_ I'm so glad we are getting closer !!!! Have a GREAT day. 🎈🎁
RT @BabyAnimalPics: This cat has a brain condition that makes it hard to walk but his family gives him all the support in the world 😭❤️
@kreespa hey Krista I like you.
RT @marychesna: Help find little Bella!!! She gets very scared so please don't chase her. Retweet to get the word out! This dog is…
In need of a female bff. hmu😌
Olympians Eric Gillis and Krista DuChene win Canada Running Series titles #sports
RT @FIirtationship: OMG I CAN'T WAIT! I'M SO PUMPED💃
Krista DuChene changing up training with new coach for 2017
imagine doing a Black Beatles mannequin challenge with everyone you've ever hooked up with HA