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It is almost impossible for me to go to sleep without getting some reading in 📚 #booknerd
@jinbianling my US friend would like take part in protest to give press to China goverment,her emailbox:Krista Misko <>
"Aren't you and Krista soulmates? Oh, I mean roommates." - Maggie 😂
She just wanted to go home, but he took her to the bar where they met 8 years earlier: Krista (Walters) and Ryan……
Better late then never but happy birthday! Thanks for making football games more fun and for sufferering through pr…
RT @YVNGBRONZE: Senior Year: the time where you meet people before you graduate you wish you would of met two years ago
Props to the guy playing Tootsie Roll super loud from the car
RT @Ibrycehall: if we date, just know im 150% the jealous type so don't be surprised
Hey @Krista_Doyle, @PhantomToaster says that your tiny father licked a moist, neurotic hamster in a windowless van.
RT @SoReIatable: Fun thing: makeup Not a fun thing: removing makeup when tired
RT @assplosive: Chris Brown Is Allegedly F*cking Model Krista Santiago
RT @ChickSoPretty: Chris Brown Is Allegedly F*cking Model Krista Santiago
@DanceMomHolly @kiragirard No shrink, she should not be dancing with older girls as she is not even 4 feet.
شكل اخرتها مع السوآق
RT @nbcwashington: UPDATE: Police said the woman who fell three stories from a D.C. balcony has died.
RT @Fusion: Shocker: Donald Trump is the least popular incoming president in 40 years.