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I always love the rain when I can lay in bed and listen to it. When I get up and go out that opinion changes.
@kristaloise Kapag sa school. Normal krista lang. Pero kapag Twitter, ay na. Kakaibang krista! May nagmumura, may na iinlove, may senti, etc
今週もお疲れ様でした♪一緒にお酒でも飲みましょう?はよ(ノシ 'ω')ノシ
I've been incredibly lucky to watch ICRC surgeons in #SouthSudan, saving lives in the most difficult locations...
RT @TheBowieCat: weird how so many groups that are ACTUALLY marginalized managed not to turn into frothing nazis
I just checked in at Stewarts Shoppe with #mPLUSPlaces Download today!
I just checked in at Heritage Cafe with #mPLUSPlaces Download today!
@BahiCosmetics I'll be a 1st time buyer tonight, can't wait till 8pm!! 😊
cutest pic ever!! thanks krista i love you sm💓
Mr King: *taking attendance* Krista
“Anger is often what pain looks like when it shows itself in public." - Krista Tippett #quote #lifequote
なあ、クリスタ 年老いても…ずっと一緒だといいよな
RT @joncstone: the BBC’s interview with Jean Claude Juncker starts off well
I just checked in at Allstate Insurance with #mPLUSPlaces Download today!
My get out-of-bed meter is really low today.
RT @AoTWiki: Krista has 2 chapters in the manga named after her, which chapters are they? Answer in there post to win…