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RT @joedeal_: kourtney kardashian is the official mood of 2019 https://t.co/nZloiKaXUW
im watching KUWTK and i guess one of the kids lost a tooth and instead if giving him like a dollar or something Kou… https://t.co/2RFutRdJm4
So im watching the Kardashian’s & Kourtney’s son tooth fell out & she left 100 dollar bill under his pillow bc that… https://t.co/i6TwkARGPl
kourtney kardashian gave Mason $100 when he lost his first tooth cuz that’s all she had in her bedroom. THAT is the… https://t.co/ro9XCwrwOF
@kourtney_ann11 This is adultinhaler WELL. You’re ahead of most of us😅
kardashians are officially and fully cancelled. kourtney is the only kardashian i have not heard a problem from lmao
I love kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney is the only Kardashian who has her shit together
@lebogang_mos Also, check Kourtney n Scott, they’re both peng. Their babies are literally regular looking white bab… https://t.co/Nk440R9IC7
RT @Angie_Iadarola: Here’s something I noticed over the course of a couple shows or whatever: guys will always randomly come up and gra… https://t.co/xLTOyzaIV5
@HBCUfessions If the nigga is her friend that doesn’t have anything to do with y’all becoming distant. If you feel… https://t.co/eH13ZyXemZ
RT @_talyanne: Ain’t no party if my niece don’t have a dance off....(the one in the purple) https://t.co/MXF0nIjWSC
Kourtney c’est THE kardash
Like Kourtney Kardashian she loved that shit meanwhile I’m more like Kim 😂 like fuckkkk this just give me the baby
Quién es Kourtney.
Kourtney es muy marchosa.
Kourtney Kardashian is MOM GOALS AF
What the hell is Kourtney Kardashian’s business these pics don’t make sense 😒
RT @mamaaGracie: Kourtney Kardashian traveling the world with her kids is GOALS. https://t.co/IQZc8xyMrZ