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Kyle Korver and Ashton Kutcher are doppelgangers https://t.co/c7O8dpRTZ0
RT @G_Frank33: Kyle Korver's gonna show up in Cleveland like https://t.co/191qiCZzU3
I’m doing two videos per-week this year. Earlier it was on Kyle Korver, this one is on James Harden’s passing: https://t.co/ihEcj05pRy
Cavs fans went from "KD ruined the NBA" to "Warriors can't win with 4 superstars" to "Omg we got korver it's over" to" Lebron has no help"😂
Nu te horen Ton Korver - Op de koffie op https://t.co/c0DHSQkwZn
RT @YourManDevine: “Shooter on LeBron’s Team” is basically the coolest job in sports, so shouts to Kyle Korver, who just got a pretty sick promotion.
I liked a @YouTube video from @Chris_Smoove https://t.co/5AizMZdD0S Blazers Dominate Cavs! Is Kyle Korver Bad Luck? Cavs vs Blazers
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/vgU2zukaMw LeBron James talks about Kyle Korver's debut and how he studied his
Cavs studying how best to use Kyle Korver and play him with Big 3 - https://t.co/Qk6tqzkV3i https://t.co/xEhjQhLSR5
Korver's so overhyped. Up your play if you wanna get a ring
RT @SprungOnSports: I spoke to @Paulmillsap4, @T_HardJR and @24Bazemore about the state of the @ATLHawks after the Korver trade and the… https://t.co/20YF3dasrC
RT @AndrewMillerNBA: Austin Rivers is shooting a better 3P% than Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, Kyle Korver, Kevin Love and Paul George...
RT @POTUS: .@NathenVieira jr smith having a great season but the heart of the Cavs is Lebron. And no one can outshoot Curry - maybe Korver if wide open
RT @RoseAndRose8: Faites entrer Salah Abdeslam dans #LaVilla2 foutez le avec Anais la folle et Eddy, il va cracher le morceau en 2 minutes pr se barrer.
The most obvious change -- starting Korver in place of DeAndre Liggins at shooting guard -- is on the table but... https://t.co/e6PqLrPZ9d
RT @FisolaNYDN: ATL keeps winning & trading. With Kyle Korver headed to Cavs, source says Hawks talking to Kings, Raptors & Nuggets regarding Paul Millsap.
RT @FisolaNYDN: The Atlanta Hawks couldn't beat LeBron and now they're helping him. Makes no sense. https://t.co/QIRZk2gerc
RT @FisolaNYDN: Did you hear the one about the fourth best in the East helping the best team? Great for LeBron, bad for the NBA. https://t.co/QIRZk2gerc
RT @alexfan590: Masai Ujiri: Got a ton of calls last week. People figured other dominoes were going to fall after the Korver trade. #RTZ #PrimeTimeSports
RT @ouderplatform: Goede tips voor als je te maken hebt met onterechte meldingen veilig thuis o.a. door gevolgen Lyme #veiligthuis https://t.co/EfGMt7k9aw
RT @rubenvalbar: Korver Kaas, afinadores de quesos holandeses en Bodegraven !! @kaasvanlamuse @QueseriaCultivo https://t.co/Agv01iJKit
Who wins the #NBA championship come June? #Cavs or #Warriors? Kyle Korver trade makes this real interesting...
RT @SportsCenter: LeBron's advice for Kyle Korver is simple. https://t.co/qlTm6TvS3O
Korver Kaas, afinadores de quesos holandeses en Bodegraven !! @kaasvanlamuse @QueseriaCultivo https://t.co/Agv01iJKit