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@chancebarrino beginning of the season when IT crowded green rose wade came yall was going wild. plus korver and sh… https://t.co/nX5TUpYr9T
@NorfSide96 @DelonSZN True, Klay is a glorified Kyle Korver. He's just a spot up shooter. He can't create his own s… https://t.co/rXFcxJkjXY
@zackmackay13 @TheStarNathan @BruhReport His play was conducive for their development. If Bron was in Steph’s place… https://t.co/kVOSerc09J
@TooTallForChina No idea but I’m tired of all these fanboy experts speculating a new all star every other day to pl… https://t.co/fCyWoJ9xWY
RT @NikkiGoelCavs: Kyle Korver giving D-Rose some pointers on his 3-pointers. #Cavs https://t.co/3DBwg9ltTN
@TheLeBronEra @cavs Kevin love, jr, maybe even the nets pick. Jr straight trash this year and who would take Kevin or ad. Start Kyle korver
RT @MZavagno11: The argument here (for me) is that playing Korver more can help the defense solely by limiting how often you have t… https://t.co/aQhDn4Tvjy
RT @MZavagno11: If the Warriors are going to continue to be scared of any Curry switch onto LeBron, I'm quite confident the Cavs ha… https://t.co/OFi61wSGes
@CryptoG75237729 @warriorsworld Lebron never wants to take the last shot. Always defers in final moments. Like last… https://t.co/V0zOhTUudj
RT @BirdyyMoney: I'll start Kyle Korver over Jr Smith
E não vem com essa conversinha mole de panela não.Wade,Korver,Rose,Crowder,Frye,LeBron,Love,Thomas,Tristan Thompson… https://t.co/0DFKhboHvr
@BrosephKarban JR and korver are both bad defensively, however Korver hustles always and is far better offensively… https://t.co/F1T1GUZXvR
RT @CavsSportsTalk: Cavs Trade Deadline History since LeBron's return (2014-) : 2014-15 - Traded for Iman Shumpert, JR Smith and Timof… https://t.co/CiwJrrSv8O
It’s 2011. Derrick Rose has two healthy knees and is on his way to being the youngest MVP ever. Tom Thibedou is sti… https://t.co/1aiRhyw9nA
@treyzingis Yep according to Cavs fans over the summer this the best Cavs team he’s had and don’t forget Wade & Kor… https://t.co/EMZfQNjTaH
@LeClampKing "Legoat" hand-picked this team. Why should the front office feel sorry for him? I never implied they'r… https://t.co/LkmAzNLxIl
RT @CavsSportsTalk: Cavs Trade Deadline History since LeBron's return (2014-) : 2014-15 - Traded for Iman Shumpert, JR Smith and Timof… https://t.co/CiwJrrSv8O
A team of... Lebron James Isaiah Thomas Kevin Love Kyle Korver Tristan Thompson Jae Crowder JR Smith Dwayne Wade J… https://t.co/Hnb85kAutf
@CavsSportsTalk trade Kyle Korver for James Harden
@any_bull The Cavs best being korver and wade is hilarious
@BayouBun Both of those white devils Kyle Korver and J.J. Reddick on there
While reading this I thought about whether there is a metric which separates contribution on offense into two bins:… https://t.co/WcnC522uMV
@lilgClav @KDthe1ne @clarkkent415 @RIPstian3 @Jamiter2016 @ThompsonScribe He could have finished against Draymond but korver was wide open
@T_Jayy2 Yeah but the chemistry ain’t right, Tristan gotta go.....IT gotta find his rhythm and Korver and JR gotta stop shooting like shit