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RT @ma_ovahikyu: ハイキュ-クラスタさんと繋がれるアプリとは? こちら🌟 https://t.co/eY76Swj3Ce
❝That’s what usually a lot of people say~❞ She admits, ❝I never really thought of marriage either Kori-chan~❞
イベ最終日💦もち仕事です。 休みたい。
i’ve been working on being less judgmental. NOW, since i’ve been doing this, i’m noticing how judgmental everyone a… https://t.co/SpsOUWj9i2
@hudson_kori Been wearing them since I started third year rotations 😊
I’ve seen You move You moved the mountains And I believe I’ll see You do it again You made a way Where there was… https://t.co/y21GTSAwD6
おはようございます 肩こりどうですか?
@AcrobaticDesire "i'm sorry to hear." she hugged him. kori knew she shouldn't be pity about this. about /their/ break up.
毎日当たるハズレなし、夢くじ開催中!妖精石は12万名様に当たるチャンス!7/24まで♪#夢100 https://t.co/POxumDJE09 https://t.co/sUDlqcbrkz
I like to give people a lot of space.
RT @MrFilmkritik: | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| | Marijuana legalization | | is useless without | | expunging the records | | of the bla… https://t.co/eDC0tZsFVs
@yaskakhalaf Hahahahahahah tayeb fen ala2gy mat3am kori fel Qayhirah??
RT @unlikelylani: you think ima spend money and buy my baby a duck costume thing just so they could play in the rain.... then you abs… https://t.co/wTq4Vqee1s
Have an idea to make the world a better place? Why not run it by someone who's been there. Office hours with… https://t.co/d0MpOqtM1G
RT @OkigboXL: Swimming? Fam in the back fighting for his life https://t.co/PQSPcUMrx9
@MistahGreen @joshuastark_ @Hollyy_E Bet you can’t play “Enter the sandman” 😂😂
RT @Kyotaro_Ruten: ワタユタケの羽田ライブの様子をまとめてみたら、案の定長くなる予感しかしないので、描けた分から流していきます。 内容は他の方の情報を参考にさせていただいた部分もありますが、基本的に自分の記憶頼りなので不正確な部分などもあると思います… https://t.co/tAHyaa2ulg
RT @alexarodrigguez: “Come if you want “ is the most disrespectful invite ever
RT @PhattiLabelle: Louder for the cheatin ass niggas in the back https://t.co/pkKRYjW16t
I miss ayla and Kori ☹️
RT @_baileylane: When ur trying to put ur hair up in a bun, then it’s ugly but when u put it up quick to do makeup or wash ur face i… https://t.co/64zE0kFJxo
Finally getting my mind back. Thought I lost it.
RT @emoblackthot: Shego gon beat the hell out this Kim Maybe ass girl https://t.co/LC6qpCLkYA
Everything that Glitters ain’t Gold 💯