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RT @BBCSport: Liverpool could agree a deal for Paulo Dybala in a matter of weeks. It’s the gossip👇 https://t.co/u3nHYaSSQb https://t.co/DG0ELNASxw
RT @BrittanyFurlan: I’d say 99.9% of gossip is just envy in disguise
RT @IAmNotJoshPeck: Good morning I still don’t know how the fuck Dan was gossip girl and why Serena married him after finding that out
@craigjarvis72 Aw you know the melon madness gossip
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RT @brentfaiyaz: Keep a tight circle, niggas gossip like hoes.
ダンカンのイチロー「茶番」ブログが炎上 ネット怒「野球ファンとは思えない」 #SmartNews 万人に好かれる人は、この世におりません。 引退の時に発する発言ではない事は確か。 野球やっていたから言える事は、打てない事に焦… https://t.co/VV8PMxRieI
RT @melissaandressx: Esta no es la vida de adulto joven que vi en gossip girl🥺
When i got kicked out of art foundation after 3 days in october i got added to their group chat on fb but never acc… https://t.co/UrjgCcn87f
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Eu me inspiro nos looks de gossip girl mas sem dinheiro https://t.co/FrmHBBomAO
But unfortunately, the entire clue trail hangs by the flimsiest of threads - Nate's long term memory. -Blair
men gossip so much, it's interesting.
you know you love me xoxo, gossip girl
RT @melissaandressx: Esta no es la vida de adulto joven que vi en gossip girl🥺
良い意味で茶番だろw たけし無しだからな炎上商法か ダンカンのイチロー「茶番」ブログが炎上 ネット怒「野球ファンとは思えない」/芸能/デイリースポーツ online https://t.co/5NfcNcOxRx @Daily_Onlineより
"American contestant Jazell Barbie Royale is crowned "Miss International Queen" in Thailand at a beauty pageant for… https://t.co/HXhnOK4783
RT @_kpen: don’t gossip to me about people I don’t fuck with. They are none of my business.