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Venice Film Festival, from LaLaLand to the Voyage of Time, sketches by Nesta Morgan https://t.co/0wX1tNcdPc https://t.co/rQye7dpqlo
Liev Schreiber as The Bleeder at Venice Film Festival 2016 sketch by Nesta https://t.co/6TmabP9AAg https://t.co/Awg8GkA2OD
Amy Adams with Nocturnal Animals director Tom Ford at Venice film Festival 2016 by Nesta https://t.co/oN0UUZSZyV https://t.co/DJg7KV5Vi0
Paula Beer wins best young Actress with Frantz at Venice Film Festival by Nesta https://t.co/q8ZFLWordL https://t.co/kBpsDS83CC
Best Actress Award to Emma Stone in LaLaLand directed by Damian Chazelle at Venice Film Festival 2016 by Nesta… https://t.co/kYZ5TmhgNq
Diane Keaton Will Receive The 45th AFI Life Achievement Award https://t.co/dpedaRSgmI https://t.co/siqy8wqEXF
Post Event | Ryan & Keenan Tham celebrate TRILOGY winning the Best Nightclub in India Award. https://t.co/LRPISd9DCh https://t.co/1LeHnowTjl
Here is the first look of Raakh and it is the perfect blend of emotion and mystery! https://t.co/Z6D5kX9VPP https://t.co/oB2BjQ5xH1
The Best Shorts Competition Announces Latest Winners! https://t.co/lLTJsFItCT https://t.co/ShM6DwQzNZ
Pan African Film & Arts Festival - PAFF Awards 2016 https://t.co/3Scr3uNKVU https://t.co/9Mzganztsx
Emraan Hashmi co-star Alisa Khan in Bigg Boss 10? https://t.co/gnQ7He3jXb https://t.co/eFjsUWcXDX
ADB to Provide India $500 Million for Solar Rooftop Systems https://t.co/0tloRMIazf https://t.co/0FArbYNtur
Fear haunts Sonarika Bhadoria post-midnight! https://t.co/yTf08dipy3 https://t.co/OPfbDRvf3z
Chetan Bhagat is back with One Indian Girl. https://t.co/cfROszAKJF https://t.co/uabxoIckHG
Hindus critical of Winnipeg school renaming “yoga” class as “movement” class https://t.co/2DGuSbFb7a https://t.co/mhelydmXPG
Maharashtracha Favorite Kon 2015 to air on Zee Talkies https://t.co/wxbJF1dtdD https://t.co/Adzi3fkbl9
PRIYA BAPAT - Popular Face of the Year Award Winner - ‘Maharashtracha Favorite Kon 2015’ awards to a https://t.co/FW6zLgexAt
Priyanka Chopra Starts Bihari-Punabi War on Sets of "Jai Gangaajal" - Trailer Coming Soon https://t.co/AyCJI1XKHf https://t.co/kciGjY6jvN
Priyanka Chopra fell ill during shooting of Jai Gangaajal in Bhopal, leading to a Bihari vs. Punjabi https://t.co/NI0amHaVLa
Priyanka Chopra fell ill during shooting of Jai Gangaajal in Bhopal, leading to a Bihari vs. Punjabi https://t.co/j6iyqR0OqL
Jacqueline Fernandez crowd-funding initiative for Christmas last year helped raise funds for underpr https://t.co/I54U1unjgp
Jacqueline Fernandez Gives Fans Back this Christmas https://t.co/zdVWVypi8r https://t.co/EiCGDjcM7G