Tweets about a recent trend: Knob

The photographer who took that photo of the lady in a hijab looking uninterested is a knob
I hate it when people refer to bad businesses as a "Mickey Mouse business" cause I'm pretty sure Mickey is worth billions! Ya knob! #Disney
@SWinchcster was partially rolled up. I unlock the door, fix my hand around the knob and yank the door open in order to reveal a family —
About 10 min. from Asheville past Beaverdam Lake on Merrimon Ave stands one of our favorite spots: Stoney Knob Cafe…
"Sloppy knob madiiGee" 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Old Grandpap obtient son Knob suce et Fucked
@Louiestowell @MaryAliceEvans @Kiran_MH Knotted knockers and knob jobs… I think it must be Friday.
@themagicalwoman Polished Bills Knob😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
RT @zzuBkaruaL: I've been commissioned to write another article about trans stuff. It's called "Stop Being A Knob And Just Listen For A Second"
@Sassafras_Knob @vannsmole Even McCain! He's so stupid it's unbelievable. Only reps can run a guy like Mcain against Islamophile BHO😡
Woke up to find a condom on my door knob #dormlife
@was_going Every clock had seven knobs, Every knob had seven hobs…
@MaryAliceEvans @Kiran_MH @EmmaPass oh god and I spelled it wrong. KNOB JOKE not knob job that's...somethign different.
Done a bit of knob polishing... well I am going to #TwitterCampUK after all... 😜
@rox_cameron @writergirl75 I already banged into a wall twice and got tangled on a door knob at work
RT @CharlesThe1st: @AbbieDanceStarz I do I'm just not gonna go to work! Boss is a knob. Oh wait that's me
@thehill But he took all the publicity for saying that he would repeal it didn't he? The blokes a knob and needs replacing. Sort it out USA.