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Lmaoo wyd no seat belt vice grip window knob and for surely a eBay steering wheel
@realDonaldTrump What an insightful quotation. Is the weird capitalisation verbatim or your own spin? #Narcissist #Knob
RT @TrmpPnceMkeSens: @MHudson42 @VJCortese @JimMaddestdog @Sassafras_Knob @GaryD_Sr Meanwhile... #ChristineFury's going nowhere🤣💥😂…
One off the road and into the trees 494 Westbound past Pilot Knob Rd
Knob off America!! Not even half of what I saw
@Jhumphries88 I saw that. I might have to try it later. I usually drink Makers 46 and Knob Creek Rye.
I-494 WB: Vehicle spun out from Exit 71 - Pilot Knob Road to MN 13 (Mendota).
Dexter went on Tour de Abbeydale again! #knob
There’s no feeling quite like getting @WeAreNovation automap to work in a daw. It’s the most fun you can have with a knob in your hand.
RT @thedailymash: Man overtaking aggressively stuck at traffic lights like a knob
@Ennui_Raver 1. Black 2. Navy Blue 3. Grey
@seb_uHu That gab intern is a fucking knob that should be fucking removed
@GovMikeHuckabee @PPatriot4life Bye Bye Tons of Fun! Don't let that door knob hit you where the good Lord split ya!
@KuganCassius @EddieHearn Eddie is definitely not a knob. He is "he can be such a cunt, but fair play to him when he delivers"
RT @Ianakane: how u look at the pitch knob after recording the first verse of “nikes”
From one man to another, if you go to the stall, and you can’t hit the toilet, sit your fucking ass down. I shouldn…
la di da di da slob on me knob drive a pickup truck fuck me on roblox
RT @thedailymash: Man overtaking aggressively stuck at traffic lights like a knob
RT @myrrandah: Horror movies that don’t totally suck and are currently on Netflix: A Thread
“So I’m trying to move more towards ‘knob’ status” 😂
I don't usually get turnt but I'm feeling like a door knob
RT @SHSRamathletics: Good luck to the Freshmen FB team today at home at 4:30 v Warren Co. reminder game is at Signal Knob MS!