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RT @nba_polls: If Jimmy Butler goes to the Knicks, do you think Kyrie will follow him next summer?
a Jimmy Butler New York Knicks trade doesn’t seem likely at this point, but this what it might look like
REPORT: Knicks plan to buy out Joakim Noah in the next few days +1 IHeartNYCBot #NYKnicks #NBA
RT @TwitterMoments: UPDATE: According to @wojespn, Jimmy Butler wants to be traded to one of three teams: The Nets, Clippers or Knicks.…
@ Bi _ polar _ joka // As a # KNICKS fan also .. I // know all too well .. lol // - DmadNYsportsfan
@Bi_polar_joka As a #KNICKS fan also.. I know all too well.. lol
@DmadNYsportsfan I just dont see that happening. Its farfetched but teams some times do farfetched things. As a kni…
😂😂😂 Knicks another team been ass ALL my life, but get held in such high reguard, i dont get it?
If Trey Burke comes out hot and averages 20/7 and the Knicks are somehow in the 8-10 range until KP comes back, he…
Knicks, Noah could reportedly finalize buyout as early as Monday
Knicks please. Mudiyay, Lee and THjr for Butler and picks
Atleast I’m not a knicks fan... @GingaAvenga
@knicks @JoakimNoah reported by myself. You can expect Knicks to release center Joakim Noah sometime this week. The…
@jimmybutIers He should go to the Knicks honestly with porzingod Brooklyn only makes sense for marketing his brand
@KrisNationTV teams gotta realize he said he'll only sign an extension with the nets Knicks and clippers lmfao
@Blkgy Chill homie. I'm a Knicks and Man U fan, I've have mines. Plus that was the first team I was around since th…
REPORT: Knicks plan to buy out Joakim Noah in the next few days
RT @BRappy55: #Knicks Media Day tomorrow - officially a new era. I believe in Fiz. Won't happen overnight but build that core
RT @PGATOUR: HE'S DONE IT! 🏆 @TigerWoods has earned his 80th win in storybook fashion at the @playofffinale. #LiveUnderPar
RT @AnthonyMSG: Dear Basketball Gods, as The 72nd #Knicks season starts tomorrow I ask that you be kind to us and bless us with hea…
RT @hennessyfirst: Let’s Go New York Knicks Baby 2018-19👏🏼🤟🏼🗣 We got to go in with the mentality that...
RT @JeffZillgitt: Hearing that Jimmy Butler's interest in Knicks was overstated. His main goal is to win sooner rather than later.