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RT @_BlaineB: “Wyd tonight” It’s 7pm, i’ve already eaten and showered and now I’m chillin in bed. if you wanted to make plans yo…
@Thatssonay_ Hey pretty 😍😍😍
I did like this movie‼️
Almost 21 years later wow.
I need the tat man @😭😩
RT @Raquel_Savage: Oh just our fathers and brothers and grandfathers and uncles and male cousins and male classmates and male teachers…
RT @BarkyBoogz: When somebody brakes at the yellow light but then goes thru anyway and you get stuck at the red light
[30] Duke University: Board of Trustees
RT @VirgilAbleaux: Waiter: Sorry for the wait we're a little understaffed tonight Me, an understanding millennial:
RT @KameronWillis: Summer jobs motivate you to go back to school and get that degree. You realize that you can’t do that crap for the rest of your life.
RT @syw1004: 우리나라도 논알콜의 인기가 생길까요? "일본 맥주시장의 새로운 강자, 논알콜 인기의 이유" #한국능률협회컨설팅 #KMAC
RT @syw1004: 위대한 인물들이 보여준 창의성의 비밀은 그들의 작업방식뿐 아니라 휴식 방식에 숨겨져 있다고 합니다. 참고하세요~ [혁신 경영컨설팅] 혁신을 지속시키는˙휴식˙ 창조적 성과 만든다 #한국능률협회컨설팅 #KMAC
New York-Presbyterian Hospital: Chairman of the Board of Trustees[19]
Mack retired from Morgan Stanley[17] after more than 30 years as an investment banker.[18] Former Co-President Jame…
Also, Chico what is up with your naked people and violent homeless people this week 😒😒
Idk why these people buy Hondas anyways. They suck.
I’ve come to the conclusion if you own a Honda in Oroville it’s gunna get stolen 😂😂
2009, which was effective January 1, 2010.[16] In 2011,
RT @CancerTerms: #Cancer will want alone time so they can dive into their on feelings & figure out the source of their feelings
@susie_qsie @Mom_Overboard Not sure what denotes a creepy guy, but having red hair and green eyes is a dude magnet you must know that 😏
RT @ItsMeCathi: GOP Rep Jim Jordan is on Fox demanding an investigation into Rod Rosenstein for refusing to hand over classified in…