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Jangan tertarik kepada seseorang karena parasnya, sebab keelokan paras dapat menyesatkan. Jangan pula ter #NOMOR1.com #hendrkl132 #LAWANG
People unnecessarily shitting on dubs of animes grinds my Klink. We get it, the original is better. I agree but I also speak English.
@LisaBloom prefer "and Trump joins his daughter and son in law in the klink to make cat paintings."
Dengan program Umroh K-Link 2017. Berikut informasinya untuk Anda : https://t.co/gCI53cupcD https://t.co/JPDOkEgbMX
Untuk Anda yang memiliki rencana beribadah umroh ke tanah suci, K-Link memberikan solusinya untuk Anda https://t.co/UM6p2TRvwU
RT @YupThatExist: Roadrunners eat snakes way too big for them https://t.co/w57Bym9UOS
RT @ESPNNBA: This is not an All-Star game... This is just ridiculous. https://t.co/nfUil5yrWt
RT @NiggaCommentary: "Blind girl plays w/ her cat" is still the most messed up funny thing I've seen in ages. https://t.co/6dPgmnWw3t
RT @NiggaCommentary: This new challenge smooth af πŸ”₯ https://t.co/Zdq6xVRLf4
RT @WorldStarFunny: NFL PLAYERS TRY NOT TO LAUGH AT THE WORST JOKES πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ https://t.co/sDc2cx2cKh
RT @WorldStarFunny: When the waiter places ya food down on the table then comes back 45 seconds later to ask "So how is everything?" https://t.co/l7rmGkoFuk
Jan Hayston U. Swinging Mods - Ich Klink Mich Aus ~on~ Schlagergarage #schlagerradio
RT @NiggaCommentary: I'm crying lmfao who did this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ https://t.co/VJHosmhjKp
RT @jaeschelache: Umm..... no... *call ended* *three beeps* https://t.co/Q9P9MDbJQ0
RT @BIackKodak: If I can't bring nothing to the table, I'm not sitting down until I can.
Why can't we feel the wrong things we all do on social networks like not talking about ppl who dye from hunger but about half naked M.Klink?
I feel like we're gonna have school tomorrow and I didn't do any of my homework
Mengapa kita harus tidur? Karena pada saat tidur tubuh akan mengistirahatkan raga dan pikiran dari aktivitas sehari-hari.
Kurangi waktu begadang Anda, krna terlalu banyak tidur malam bisa menimbulkan berbagai macam penyakit. Selengkapnya https://t.co/2wBJRxTU4B
so jealous of everyone at the beach for spring break :(
@trialanderror TSA wears blue and doesn't allow guns in airports, this show is as fake as your networks nightly news #trialanderror but good