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[@CrazyEGilbert]- Klaus, had never carried any guilt within his actions. Approaching the edges of his town, he glanced around before-
@ixmh7 تشارلز مات ؟
RT @poppoIIs: Klaus Mikaelson vs. Damon Salvatore
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Each of Klaus's fingers is as big as the average man's dick. RIP Steven's ass.
"He's your first love. I intend to be your last." Klaus me enferma
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[@CrazyEGilbert]- her approach towards his city, Klaus was immediatly out there despite his brothers pleas to not do anything regretful.-
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Klaus, forse ho trovato questa benedetta frase in latino.
E io che pensavo che l'account Klaustorino fosse riconducibile a Klaus Davi
Ha sido demasiado bonito todo el cap, pero cuando klaus ha visto porfin a Hope, madre mia 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 la iorera ha sido demasiado real ai
Hochzeit Nr.11 mit,- Klaus de Sandos aus dem Salzburger Land. „einfach bärig“ Hotel Lukashansl inmitten einer... https://t.co/NYonmC13eZ
[@CrazyEGilbert]- known to Klaus, however. He knew he had to get to her, he had to take her no matter the cost. After Elijah confirmed-
#TheOriginals (Interview with Charles M.Davis via collider) Klaus and Marcel's relationship https://t.co/SqffNGbrdg
@UnbridledShrewd down near the outskirts of his city. One of his members saying "I heard Klaus was attacked by the witches again" this set-
Neubau-Immobilien München:1.800 Neubauwohnungen im Prinz Eugen Park. Bild:KLAUS Wohnbau https://t.co/6Du83hpfqbhttps://t.co/I1vILLcGZC
Damon and Klaus are my favorite villains
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